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The transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly is absolutely amazing.

Starting from an egg, the caterpillar grows, traveling on feet,  and feeding on the green leaves and early buds of flowers.  274 more words

How To Be A Humble Abigail

This is the last day of my Abigail mini-series! I have loved writing more about this wonderful lady from God! She is not talked about a whole lot, which is a shame! 1,483 more words


How To Be An Abigail Wife

I am not married, nor am I in a relationship at the moment. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to be, though!

For a while, I even idolized this idea. 1,518 more words

God's Graces

Don't Give Up On Proverbs 31

I wrote a personal blog the other day about my struggle with academic idolatry over the years (you can read it here). I explained how I’ve dug myself into a pit of perfectionism and pride since high school that God has been painfully – but benevolently – pulling me out of. 812 more words


I Don't Become A Homemaker By Becoming A Mother

There is such a nasty inclination in the heart of women to create cliques and set up hoops for one another to jump through. Throughout my entire life, I’ve been very conscious of the reality that there will always be a female figure close by (or two, or three) who will push me to reach the next level – not for the sake of growth, but with the purpose of legitimizing my identity as a woman. 1,113 more words


Dry Bones

I love going to women’s events, conferences, and brunches and listening to speakers.  Whether the speaker is a famous author, Pastor, or the woman who sits in the third pew.  1,600 more words

I Do The Thing I Hate

I hate sin. It’s sneaky, vile, and worse than that, disobedient to God. Of all the things we are called to do, it is obedience to God, yet we do the thing we hate. 1,613 more words