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adaptive and oppositional elements

Fall 2015. Adam Ehrlich Sachs, Nine Inherited Disorders.

These ten senseless and unsightly statues were part of the legacy of German Modernism, they said. But the statues were torn down nevertheless, and today one can reach Hannover from Berlin in an hour and a half, a fact for which even the artists are grateful. 125 more words


Bibliography: Aboriginal Australia


This is a bibliography compiled on historical and scientific writings on Aboriginal sexualities.

Figuring Space: Philosophy, Mathematics and Physics by Gilles Chatelet (1993)


This doesn’t seem to be hugely known, but de Freitas and Sinclair refer to it. The preface to the book mentions that Chatelet did not live to see this work in print. 970 more words


Making Camden History

Making Camden History

A brief historiography of the local area

Tourist history of Camden

The official story of the township as told to tourists is shared in the brochure for an historic walk around the Camden town centre published by Camden Council.  2,497 more words


Beaumont, M. (1987) Type and Colour: Handbook of typography in graphic design. Oxford: Phaidon Press.

Benson, S. ed. (2001) Care homes and dementia (journal of dementia care). 1,006 more words


Annotated Bibliography One - Julia Hand

Borenstein, Jason, and Yvette Pearson. “Companion Robots And The
Emotional Development Of Children.” Law, Innovation & Technology 5.2
(2013): 172-189. Academic Search Complete. Web. 12 Nov. 346 more words


Historians Ge Xiaojia (葛小佳) and Luo Zhitian (罗志田) discussing new approaches to the writing of history by way of reviewing P. Duara's "Culture, Power, and the State, Rural North China, 1900-1942"


葛小佳 罗志田


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编者按   美国芝加哥大学历史系杜赞奇《文化、权力、与国家:1900-1942年的华北乡村》一书曾先后荣获美国历史学会费正清奖及亚洲研究学会列文森奖。葛小佳、罗志田二先生以“社会与国家的文化诠释”为名合撰此篇书评,意在指出,杜书以20世纪前半期华北乡村社会文化变迁为脉络,并引入欧洲史研究中的“国家”概念,考释中国近代国家与社会的互动消长,为检讨近代中国历史提供了一个新的参照空间。(本文选自《东风与西风》)                                                                             杜赞奇教授   以往治史,多以人物或事件为轴心来把握历史演进的经络,而对人物事件后的社会文化自身嬗变,关注不够。今日海外汉学中的社会史取向,则恰好反之,是力图将对历史过程的探究,根植于对地方文化社会变迁的了解之上,以期对来龙去脉(context)有一更深刻的把握。 90 more words

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