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Nagel, T. (1978) The Possibility Of Altruism… 23 more words


GIS FOR REAL ESTATE - GIS for Business and Service Planning

“While the real-estate industry is most closely associated with location, it has been one of the slowest to catch on to the potential (Sherwood-Bryan 1993d). Nevertheless, it has started to implement a variety of applications (Castle 1993b). 210 more words


GIS FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS - GIS for Business and Service Planning

Telecommunications is currently one of the most dynamic industries in the United States and worldwide. Competition for the cellular telephone services market is strong in the US, and the company that can provide the best service has a significant advantage (Roan 1993). 123 more words


CONSUMER PACKAGED GOODS and BPI - GIS for Business and Service Planning

Consumer packaged goods are small, non-durable items that are generally bought at the grocery store. These might include soda, breakfast cereal and laundry detergent. Like most retailers and manufacturers of consumers’ goods of any type, the consumer packaged goods industry is beginning to use micro-marketing techniques (Buxton 1993). 181 more words


GIS FOR INSURANCE - GIS for Business and Service Planning

It is highly likely that the insurance industry will soon face similar regulations to those already faced by the banking industry (Mertz 1993a). The reporting is likely to be at the zipcode (postcode) level. 246 more words


GIS for BANKING - GIS for Business and Service Planning

Perhaps the most important use of GIS in the banking industry is regulatory compliance (Tavakoli A. 1993). The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and the Home Mortage Disclosure Act (HMDA) are both laws which were passed in order to ensure that the banking industry does not practise “red-lining”. 334 more words