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'Drawing and Making in the Landscape Medium' by James Corner

“…drawing holds the possibility of forming a field of revelation, prompting one to figure previously unforeseen landscapes of richer and more meaningful dimensions.” (Corner, 1992/2014, 164) 553 more words


The Origin of the Werewolf Superstition (1909)

This short text by Caroline Taylor Stewart is packed with all manner of references and academic insights.

A recommended addition to any library of Werewolf lore.

Full PDF here



Reference for all work


Hallucination / References

  • Megan Erickson. 2018. Brain Bugs: Hallucinations, Forgotten Faces, and Other Cognitive Quirks | Big Think . Available at: …
  • 874 more words
Level 3

Ongoing experiments

The label maker

Labels written from my notes 

The tea station

I planned to install a tea station with teapot, mugs, milk jug, table cloth and this note put on the wall above. 246 more words


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var in football – Google Search. 2018. var in football – Google Search… 582 more words


Bibliography 2.0

This is a work in progress and I’ll be adding more as my research progresses.

Allmon, Donald Alan, The Only Good Wolf: Hunting Culture and the Medieval Werewolf, University of Kansas Thesis, (2016) 1,837 more words