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2nd Annual "Experiment in Bibliomancy" - Song of Ice and Fire Edition!

Two years ago, inspired by my fellow blogger Nina at Multo(Ghost) and by reading a short story by M.R. James, I decided to give Bibliomancy a try. 1,362 more words

My 2nd "Annual" Experiment in Bibliomancy is...tomorrow!

A couple years ago, after re-reading one of my favorite M.R. James stories, “The Ash Tree,” I was reminded of the “lost art” of bibliomancy and wrote… 302 more words

Notes from Poseidon; August 15th 2015

Image reads:

You carry away with you a reflection of me, a part of me. I dreamed you; I wished for your existence. You will always be a part of my life. 27 more words


The Ape of Thoth

I’ve just tried The Ape of Thoth.

“The ‘Ape of Thoth’ (APE for short) is a general-purpose text search engine whose database consists of Thelemic Holy Books and other important verse-based works by Aleister Crowley.”

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Saturday Reading (Stichomancy 5/9)

I’ve had such a crazy week! I started sewing again which is very exciting for me, I’ve been contemplating my day job and in and out of doctors all week. 152 more words


B is for Bibliomancy

Here’s another thing that I didn’t realise was an actual thing. Bibliomancy

The Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms says that Bibliomancy is: the practice of opening the Bible at random and seeking guidance through the first verse one sees. 244 more words

Getting To Grips With God Stuff

Fancy Mancy

I think I need to make a list of all the “mancy”s to see which ones I might already be
“mancy”ing without realizing it. Let’s see: Cartomancy—doin’ it. 22 more words