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Messages from God

Sue at Silent Eye recently posted a discussion of bibliomancy on her blog…


As a former librarian, I had an experience of bibliomancy with an encyclopedia. 110 more words

Bibliomancy, Rhapsodomancy & Jon Klimo on Channeling

I’ve been meaning to write about the subject of channeling for a long time and somewhere in my draft folder I have an article I started a few years back. 1,415 more words

Like Books? Bored? Possibly Psychic? Try Bibliomancy!

Bibliomancy is the art of divining the future through randomly selecting book passages. Due to my own bookish nature, I was playing this game long before I realized it was actually something like and arcane art. 830 more words


Kennedy School fellow Ban Ki-moon reflects on issues of global concern

After 10 years as secretary general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, M.P.A. ’84, stepped away from the international stage at the end of last year. 1,539 more words

National & World Affairs

Bibliomancy 4.27.17

Book: The Untethered Soul (.the journey beyond yourself

Author:Michael A. Singer

Pg 162 2nd paragraph

So death actually gives meaning to life. Death is your friend. 22 more words


Haiku Oracle Challenge, Day 8

IDay 8
Advice for letting go

the wild duck
not interested
into the gloom

A wild animal is only concerned in remembering that which boosts its chances of survival. 188 more words

Micro Poem

Socrates and the Sortes Homericae

The Classical world knew various methods of determining the future, such as by observing the flight patterns of birds or—yet further away—by making note of the positions of the sun, moon, and planets (πλανῆται ‘wandering ’ < πλανάομαι ‘be led astray’) relative to the fixed stars. 657 more words