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Obstruction #11: Bibliomancy

Based on our experience at the Poetry Library and our wandering between books while flip them open and notice the best sentences and lines, Ron gave us an obstruction that was based on Tweets by poet and fiction writer… 881 more words


The Mini-est of Breaks, Part I: Hurtful Books

Knowing that if they do not seize the opportunity to go now they will not get to go anywhere until the holidays, the humans have gathered up the blue-haired god-daughter and set out for the Big City to the South.  346 more words


What Is Bibliomancy?

Question: “What is bibliomancy?”

Answer: Bibliomancy is the practice of divination by means of a book. Generally speaking, bibliomancy involves turning to a random page in a sacred book in order to find the answer to a question posed. 316 more words


Angelic Mistakes

I’ve…probably just spent a good two hours looking around on the Reader.  It seems that the lifespan of a blog here is not all that long; though I’m following many people, those people tend to wander off; sometimes to return, sometimes not. 1,869 more words


The Bible is not a Magic Talisman: Biblical Power, Incantations, and Bibliomancy

In this series, we have discussed ways the Bible is commonly misused by those who think it has functions it does not. One thing they have in common is the assumption that the Bible is a consistent, uniform document directed by God that provides us with… 949 more words