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B is for Bibliomancy

Here’s another thing that I didn’t realise was an actual thing. Bibliomancy

The Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms says that Bibliomancy is: the practice of opening the Bible at random and seeking guidance through the first verse one sees. 244 more words

Getting To Grips With God Stuff

Fancy Mancy

I think I need to make a list of all the “mancy”s to see which ones I might already be
“mancy”ing without realizing it. Let’s see: Cartomancy—doin’ it. 22 more words


It's Not Written - a poem by Kate Rauner

Polished sticks, cards, or bones,
Coins or dice or sacred stones
Allow the mystic gods to choose
The message that you win or lose.
Cast the lots to tell the page, 178 more words


The Unknown Unknown: A book everyone should search out

Last payday I spent around an hour trawling the bookshops of Falmouth, picking up a few books I’d had my eye on, buying several others that caught my eye. 646 more words


I Ching Divinations in the Month of December for a Twitter Follow

For the month of December, 2014, ending right before New Year’s Eve, I am offering I Ching divinations in exchange for following me on Twitter. 1,727 more words

The (reverse) Conversion

They are everywhere

You are watching a spellbinding moment on Charmed and the bell rings…

Enjoying a quiet stroll by the riverside and there you hear them shout… 1,214 more words



A book on psychic development I bought but haven’t read yet caught my eye, so I thought I’d try a little bibliomancy to see what useful info it might flag, any particular technique I should be practising. 47 more words