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Impact factor and "good" journals: any relationship?

There is a lot of (sometimes justified) concern about the journal impact factor being used as a way to evaluate the quality of published work. Obviously, impact factors were never meant to be used as a way to evaluate the quality of individual papers or scientists. 816 more words


GV-Index: Scientific Contribution Rating Index that takes into Account the Growth Degree of Research Area and Variance Values of the Publication Year of Cited Paper

Akira Otsuki 1 and masayoshi Kawamura2

1Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
2MK future software, Ibaraki, Japan


There are a wide variety of scientific contribution rating indices including the impact factor and h-index. 172 more words


The 2018 Altmetric Top 100 Outputs with ‘Comics’ as Keyword

As it’s that time of the year and Altmetric has released its 2018 Top 100, in this post I share the 2018 Top 100 research outputs with ‘comics’ as a keyword according to Altmetric. 683 more words


Anime/Manga Studies Article Publication Trends - A 2018 Update

Two years ago, I examined the “publication trends” in anime/manga studies by tracking the actual number of articles on anime/manga that have appeared in English-language academic journals starting in 1993 and through 2015. 1,134 more words

Journal Articles

Journal ranks 2017

A few years ago we wrote a bibliometric paper describing a new way to rank journals, and I still think it is one of the better ways to rank them based on a composite index of relative citation-based metrics . 227 more words


Impactful Research

How is impact measured?

Researchers work extremely hard (most of the time) to produce a thorough analysis and provoke discussion on a particular topic. It would be very frustrating if it ever felt like all of that hard work did not pay off and had little impact. 706 more words

Visualizing Research

Rachel Miles is a Digital Scholarship Librarian at the Center for the Advancement of Digital Scholarship (CADS) at Kansas State University and is K-State Libraries’ Partner on the… 1,431 more words