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Managing Bibliography in LaTeX

supports bibliography management out of the box. It is much easier to manage bibliography using , than using any other word processing software. In this article, I will discuss how to insert reference using LaTeX. 851 more words


BibTex errors

I’m working on a report for my Capstone 1 project, creating a plant for manufacturing monochlorobenzene and p-dichlorobenzene through the direct chlorination of benzene. The idea is to design a plant in ASPEN Plus and perform an economic analysis. 357 more words


New Bloggers Blog Tips

Hi guys. I have been blogging for a while, now honestly at the beginning it was very very very difficult because I didn’t know anything about blogging.   14 more words


Latex Bibliography with Biblatex

Biblatex is the new way of working with bibliographies in Latex, replacing the traditional Latex bibliography package: bibtex.

It is preferable to use Biblatex, because of it has unicode support and more types of bibliography entries that bibtex. 136 more words

How to export from LyX to LaTeX

All of this information is out there, but it took me more than a few hours to successfully manage this on my Mac, so here are the steps, using LyX and TeXShop. 353 more words

ackward citation style

When submitting a paper to WIREs, I was asked to use the APA style for citations. This is rather unpleasant as it requires all kinds of fixes and even then returns an unseemly outcome, quoting sometimes authors with their first name and at a point ignoring the parentheses for \citep citations… Maybe all those annoying bugs are on purpose, as… 14 more words


LaTeX issues from Vienna

When working on the final stage of our edited handbook on mixtures, in Vienna, I came across unexpected practical difficulties! One was that by working on Dropbox with Windows users, files and directories names suddenly switched from upper case to lower cases letters !, making hard-wired paths to figures and subsections void in the numerous LaTeX files used for the book. 162 more words