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Studying Research Dynamics of an Author with Timed Filters

A very interesting topic in research about science is the chronological dynamic of publications. The question of interest is how a specific scientist is developing with respect to his publications and with respect to his network. 286 more words

Graph Display Software for Author Relationships with Bibtex Files

Now, I just introduced last week the idea of looking at author relationsships by a graph with a short example. In this post I want to further explain my approach to create such kind of figures. 373 more words


Utilizando Markdown para edição de artigos cientíticos


O Markdown é uma linguagem de marcação projetada para aumentar a eficiência em que você escreve, mantendo a escrita semelhante ao um texto.

Para conhecer os marcadores indico três sites: 645 more words


How to get BibTeX from DOI

The most common way to use a DOI is to append it to the http://dx.doi.org/ URL. The web server at that URL redirects you to the URL where the actual content of that DOI is hosted. 75 more words

Bibliographies and The arXiv

I’m currently writing up my first paper! The hope is that my collaborators and I will release the paper in the next couple of months. When we do, it’ll go on the… 258 more words


Set links on custom bibtex-keys with bibtex OR biblatex

Long time ago, while working on my thesis I fumbled with bibtex (do NOT do this) that creates bibliographies from *.bib files using a horrible stack-based scripting language for the styling. 595 more words


A LaTeX Bibliography Hack

Yet another LaTeX hack! This time to insert text between the bibliography/reference header and the actual references. I’ve had, I admit, no really good reason to do this, as I might have added some text before the bibliography, but it made a lot more sense to include the paragraph there. 215 more words