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biber (biblatex) warning related to accent character

add the following lines to suppress the warning caused by accent characters written in bib file.


Adding a New .bst File to Your LaTeX GUI

Sometimes finding a simple explanation to a very specific question is hard. For example, recently I wanted to add a new .bst file to my LaTeX GUI (Texmaker) so I could have a very specific bibliography style (American Geophysical Union; AGU) and I wasted two hours searching for how to do it and then troubleshooting it. 243 more words

Inevitable Tools To Empower Researchers

There is a plethora of tools that boosts researchers productivity and connectivity. In a world where tens – if not hundreds – of new research papers are published daily, the researcher needs tools to stay on top of it. 118 more words

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New Guidelines for DOI Linking and Display

For sometime I have been collecting digital object identifiers (DOIs) in my BibTeX entries, as described in this blog post. When I use my own BST file to format the references BibTeX creates hyperlinks to the published source via the DOI. 220 more words


What's the proper bibtex type for ArXiV papers?

I like to use @techreport, like

author = {Z. Shakeri and W.U. Bajwa and A.D. Sarwate},
title = {Minimax Lower Bounds on Dictionary Learning for Tensor Data},

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Source Code of Bibtex Graph Generator

Now I would like to release the source code of the software described in an earlier post. The package will be released under the GNU General Public License, any release of other software which includes the full source code or parts of it must also be released under the GPL. 700 more words

Visualization Of Author Relationships

Synchronizing BibTeX in Overleaf (BibLaTeX) and Texmaker (MiKTeX, Apacite)

In this post I detail how to get bibtex working on Overleaf (previously known as WriteLatex) and Texmaker (Windows 10 64-bit, MikTeX). Note that the citation format I’m using is APA, as specified by… 419 more words

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