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Synchronizing BibTeX in Overleaf (BibLaTeX) and Texmaker (MiKTeX, Apacite)

In this post I detail how to get bibtex working on Overleaf (previously known as WriteLatex) and Texmaker (Windows 10 64-bit, MikTeX). Note that the citation format I’m using is APA, as specified by… 419 more words

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Remove unused references from .bib file

Sometimes in LaTeX you are working from a .bib file that has a large number of reference entries, by the time you have finished working on your document, you might not need all of them. 257 more words


Highlight a name in BibTeX Bibliography

How to highlight a particular author’s name in the bibliography when using BibTeX? This was asked on TeX Stack Exchange. I didn’t like the top answer as much as the… 115 more words


Search all your Bibtex files

When I write papers or other things, I tend to create separate bib files, so that I don’t end with a giant unsearchable and unmaintainable blob. 706 more words


Managing BibTeX Files with Emacs

Here are a couple of tips on exploiting Emacs when working with BibTeX databases. I do not use a BibTeX database manager (though I have tried Jabref). 667 more words


Three BibTeX Tips

BibTeX is an important part of my workflow in writing papers and books. Here are three tips for getting the most out of it.

1. DOI and URL Links from Bibliography Entries…

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Make \cite{reference} to print title, author, year specificly in your LaTex document.

Basically \cite{reference} is used  to print Bibtex entries from .bib  file, .bib file is  called database file which stores title of Book, its author, year, publisher, pages etc , If you want to print complete title then enclose it in {{….}} in .bib file. 182 more words

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