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Our Dad would take a bathroom scale
in both his calloused hands and squeeze
200 pounds. He said his boys
should also press their weight. To fail… 69 more words


Week 2 Upper Body Day 2!

That post upper body pump look 😏 definitely feel that chest work 😝 feels good though! Sore = a job well done 👍

I did the same upper body workout as the other day, but was actually able to increase the weight on some of my exercises which is always a plus! ☺️

Happy workouts lovelies 💜

Bikini Prep

Apple Kick

I don’t know about yall……

but winter is making us a little stir crazy.

It’s started snowing here again today. The snow is fine but the ice is not. 130 more words


My First Video Post!

My friend introduced me to the SICKEST gym I’ve ever been to. Here are the highlights from my BACK/BIS workout.

1) Deadlift

2) Weighted pull-ups… 28 more words


Bicep and tricep superset workout

Bicep and tricep superset workout
The fastest way to growing muscle on any part of your body is to hit it as hard as possible with high intensity. 95 more words


Progress and Adjustments

Today I weighed in at 183.6lbs. This is a .9lb increase in weight! I am much happier with this slower weight gain because means I am not gaining as much fat. 127 more words


Polishing the Guns

LAST NIGHT’S (FRI 1/23) TARGET: Biceps, Back, and light Shoulders

1. Weighted pull-ups (alternating grip): One of my favorite workouts. An absolute MUST for a bigger, broader back. 320 more words