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Wrist Wraps: How you build a back tennis elbow free!

The most important piece of gym equipment for all pulling exercises! This is the best way to work your back or biceps and not use your forearms if you suffer from issues like tennis elbow. 15 more words


Back and Bis 07.27


Tri Set 1
Wide grip lat pull down 3 x 10-12
Close grip lat pull down reverse grip 3 x 10-12
Close grip lat pull down normal grip 3 x 10-12… 102 more words


Musculitos de gimnasio. Y esas piernas?

Llega el verano. Para muchos de nosotros ya es demasiado tarde para lucir cuerpo. Otros, llevan años de ventaja yendo al gimnasio. Algunos de esos se han pasado con el tren superior… Qué pasa con esas piernas? 


Workout of the week

Workout of the week: Arms

Since the beginning of the year I’ve felt as though I wasn’t making much progress with my arms. I felt like I was working really hard but wasn’t seeing many results. 77 more words


Work it Wednesday: HIIT Arms

Today is all about the arms – biceps, triceps, and shoulders. You may find this harder than our leg workouts to start with – but keep with it – I promise you – your strong, toned arms are just a few burpees away :)12:012… 108 more words


Back and Bis 07.20

Cardio Warm up

10 min stair master – 2 speed/level intervals


Warm Up

2 sets of pull ups to failure

Work out

SS 1… 79 more words


Full Arm Workout 07.17

I have been traveling this past week so I will be getting back on the posting grind this week!

Cardio Warm up – 15 min stair master – 2 speed/level intervals… 102 more words