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Day 9: Weights - Back & Biceps, Cardio - 40 mins Medium Intensity

Woke up¬†enthusiastic to get stuck into today’s session, working late yesterday meant a slight re-jig and I know my fitness programme is going to be a bit longer today as a result, I will continue with my planned 40 mins cardio and add my Back & Biceps session. 425 more words


Guns, Buns and Abs

So I mentioned in my Friday Round Up that I’ve developed a new October challenge, and so far, so good. I was calling it Abs, Arms and Arse but thought I’d go with Guns, Buns and Abs instead:-) 546 more words


Sept 29, 2015

Did this at the office gym, and they don’t have an incline bench, so I had to use the smith machine. boo.

warmup: nada

Closegrip Incline Press (shallow incline, 2 min rests) 47 more words

I Don't Usually Hit Arms, but When I do..

Shout out to Sadlier for the work!

7×10 Preacher Curl

5×12 Rope Cable Curl

5×12 Seated Dumbbell Curl

7×10 Reverse Grip Pull Down

5×12 Overhead Cable Tricep Extension… 6 more words

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