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I guess anyone who follows me on social media will see me mention the gym a lot. Just like you may talk non-stop about your hobby, I like to talk about mine. 266 more words


Chest, Biceps and Calves with Jason Lewis

Good afternoon everyone, here is a chest, biceps, and calves workout that my cousin Jason and I did a while back.

I hope you all enjoy and please to forget to like, comment, and subscribe to my Batiste Fitness channel on YouTube. Big things to come!!!

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Fuckin' Arm Day.

So much pump. Fuckin’ Arm day. That is all. hehe.



Just kidding. We were super rushed today, so we had to work fast. That means one thing: Supersets. 109 more words


Sorry, not even your biceps

can lift this weight
that is my heart
it cannot be spotted
no matter how hard you try
it needs its only anaerobic
push, reps and reps of… 36 more words


Blast Those Biceps

Using a variety of different exercise helps to keep the muscles guessing and in turn makes your workouts more effective. I like to dedicate one intense workout per week to my biceps (usually in the same session that I work my back), and then twice more during the week for a little blaster session and I must say doing this little blaster session has definitely improved the tightness of t-shirts around my arms. 423 more words


Biceps Peak

Q: James, any way to get peaked biceps? I have been trying for years. Should I switch to body weight exercises or resistance bands? For years I’ve been on the traditional weight training exercises. 85 more words