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Rest-Pause Training and Sample Workout

Okay, so I’m not going to be humble on this one: I absolutely crushed my workout this morning. Sometimes, I can feel bored at the gym. 859 more words


7/26 Chest and Biceps

Hollywood muscles!!!

  • Bench press 4-6reps 3sets (275) + EZ Bar Curls 4-6reps 3sets (90)
  • Incline press 4-6reps 3sets (205) + hammer preacher curls 4-6reps 3sets (35)
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Fitness Programs

26 July 2016

squat night tonight, at least… that was the plan

warmup: foam roll, squat w empty bar… FAIL!!

while warming up, I tweaked my knee somehow. My good knee, not my bad knee. 281 more words

WOTD Fri. 7/22/16

Friday 7/22/16

Warm-up PUMP

Lateral Raises Gauntlet 10 reps each weight (30,25,20,15,10,15,20,25,30 lbs.)

Cable Curl 10 sets of 10 random selection (Partner chooses weight after each set. 108 more words


20 July 2016

office workout with coworker. I temporarily lost my workout sheet, so I had to work off memory. late morning office workout.

warmup: discussed pokemon go… 202 more words

Should You Do Chinups or Pullups?

Chinups and pullups are both great exercises, and there’s room for both in any strength training regimen.  Each of these exercises targets some similar and some different muscles.  133 more words

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