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Bodyweight Workout – Advanced

Do three circuits of six to eight reps of each exercise with good form, and break for 60 seconds in-between each circuit.
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Bodyweight Workout - Basic

This is broken down into two workouts, upper and lower body, which you should perform at least twice a week. Do three circuits of 12 to 15 reps of each exercise with good form, then rest for 60 seconds in-between each circuit. 490 more words


Day 17 - Back & Biceps

Good day and good session today. No work so made sure I got rest and it was needed as my quad didn’t hurt as much today. 141 more words


Hot Heeb of the Day

Charles Clore Garden, Tel Aviv

Birthday girl!

So guess who was the birthday girl yesterday? That’s right, I just turned 22! Since I’ve become more serious about fitness, birthday has been quite a problem for my family, considering that I don’t really eat cake – but how can you celebrate without a cake? 250 more words


Training Day Two: Back and Biceps

Today I trained back and biceps.. possibly my favourite body parts to train!

I love training back because it is probably the part of my body which shows straight away after training…and backless tops/dresses are my favourite! 188 more words