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Kai Greene Training Biceps and Triceps | FLEX Online

The Predator getting it done in the gym.

“The mindset you have, determines the next step you take. We’re not simply working out..We are creating. We are bringing forth thoughts into existence..It doesn’t have to make sense.”

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Back and Bis 06.29

Since I will be traveling this Friday I only have four days to lift this week so I will be combining back and bis, chest and tris.   149 more words


Supplements - Scam or not?

“Hey bro.  What supplements are you taking?”

The infamous question that anybody that looks like they workout has been asked before.  Usually by a new or young gym goer. 529 more words


Arm Workout

On Friday, I did my second arm workout of the week. I am placing more empathises on my arms as I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass during my wrist injury. 712 more words


Suns out, Guns out!

Nou heb ik natuurlijk ook twee super grote biceps (NOT), maar toch ben ik stiekem een beetje verliefd geworden op het trainen van deze spiertjes. Ik denk dat ik hier ook mijn meeste progressie in heb gemaakt, van platte dunne armpjes naar een redelijk zichtbare bicep! 768 more words


Massive Biceps!

Hello, today I will be trying a trick to MASSIVE BICEPS! I will post right after I do the exercise! If you want to know what this one crazy, easy, trick then come back later today for the link to this workout! 11 more words


WOD: Biceps/Abs/Cardio

Happy Friday!

What a great pump I had this morning! My morning started a tad earlier than normal, but I had great energy so waking up wasn’t torturous like other days. 209 more words