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Are you a Cardio Bunny?

Anyone who follows me on Instagram (@FiercelyRealGram) or on my Facebook, knows that I enjoy lifting and very rarely will you catch me posting videos hitting some cardio! 740 more words


#FlexFriday - Triceps & Biceps Workout

Summer holiday season is upon us – time to get rid of the dreaded bingo wings! Many people just think doing one or two exercises every other week will help reduce the body fat around your arms = wrong. 846 more words

7 Best Biceps Exercises You're Not Doing

If your guns are more like peashooters, try these novel biceps techniques to kick-start muscle growth and make your T-shirts quiver with fear!

If you want big, defined arms, you’re probably going have to do some curls—nobody’s debating that! 1,234 more words


The Best Way to Shed Fat

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut or experience plateau with your same old strength and cardio workouts day in and out. However, it’s very simple to add variety into your workouts while burning more calories and boosting your endurance! 146 more words