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To the North!

Our hectic week in London was at its end so we organised a private car out to Heathrow to pick up our Peugeot, initially we were going to get the train but laziness won out so we opted to pay a bit extra for a driver. 1,489 more words


187 - ... and suddenly everything happens all at once!

Yesterday was a really momentous day in the life of 1264.

Yesterday 1264 flew.

And before you remind me that she flew a month ago, and privately write me off as going quite definitely senile, let me explain. 1,716 more words

Bristol Scout

Visit Oxford

Visit Oxford and Bicester with your friends next Sunday! Book here for free – the trip is organised by Middlesex University.

General Stuff

185. The Waiting Begins

Getting the Scout into the air requires an empty, dry airfield that faces in any direction, at least two and preferably more ground crew, a test pilot, petrol, oil, a serviceable aircraft, a very light wind, no rain, daylight, and a valid Permit to Test. 139 more words

Bristol Scout

Mother & Daughter Road Trip... Oxford, Bicester & Milton Keynes...

It’s one of those wet Sundays that makes you want to curl up on the sofa with films and copious amounts of tea. The type of Sunday that you look at that list of to do jobs and that room that is in major need of organisation and you just think, nope. 700 more words


184. Taking Flight


Sue and I set off early via Milson, and Theo arrived shortly after us. We completed the final adjustments and spent the afternoon checking things over and over. 845 more words

Bristol Scout

Bicester Village

Designer brand fan? Why pay the high profit margins when you could visit the outlet store – a question I’ve been asking myself after seeing a Mulberry bag I’d bought while working at Harrods, being sold for half the original price. 47 more words