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Bicultural marriage test—Can ours survive that pesky jar of mayo?

Ok, I get it.  Married life is not easy, even if you REALLY love your spouse.  I learned that when I began married life in 2009.   533 more words

Inside the Nation's First Bilingual University

At a university where 90% of the students are Hispanic, in a part of the country where there is a major shortage of bilingual doctors, lawyers, and other professionals, there are a lot of reasons to offer courses in both English and Spanish. 119 more words


I'm an Immigrant

At the end of college I was accepted into the JET Programme. This enabled me to move to Japan and work as a teacher in local high schools. 844 more words


He's Thinking

When did it begin? What was the start process?

I have a 20 month old child. He is amazing. He laughs and cries and hugs and lives. 332 more words


The Japanese girl within my daughter - Return to the USA

I met today the Japanese teen I’d left behind nearly three years ago. Though I’d never thought she was really gone, her sudden reappearance in my life reminded me that past lives may be outlived, though not always forgotten.

Biracial, Brown, and Baalat Teshuvah

This guest post was written by my longtime friend Galit, who recently decided to leave the country she grew up in. Read on to get to know her journey and see a photo of us back in elementary school. 633 more words

Creative Writing

Living in White (Public) Spaces

It never fails. I’m sitting in a cafe working away. Totally focused on my next writing project when I do what I always do. I look around the cafe (sometimes restaurant or store) and see who is present? 184 more words