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My 7-year-old Thinks His Bicultural Family Is...

The following is an interview with my eldest son – Cabezítas – on what having a bicultural family means to him.

Q.  What do you think “bicultural” means? 275 more words

Advantages of a Bicultural Family

I know there still exists intolerance, racism, and a kind of stigma around children who are “mixed”; whose parents are distinctly different in their respective ethnicities, cultures, and languages. 50 more words

Kids in motion

When the children come to visit, my home is a blur of activity. It’s non-stop motion from start to finish.

One rainy Saturday some of my son’s siblings came over along with a family friend, … 93 more words


"What is she mixed with?"

The other day my daughter was getting her hair cut, and the stylist suddenly turned to me and asked me, “What is she mixed with?” 631 more words

My Child

It all started with a tuna sandwich...

A tuna sandwich.

About two weeks into our marriage, I was playing the dutiful wife and packed Albin an excellent lunch for work. It was comprised of a huge tuna sandwich, salad, probably a piece of fruit, and a snack. 673 more words



Over at Scribbles on the Wall, Mariana Llanos has a great post about why we need more diversity in children’s literature. I don’t know much about that genre, but I know that this is something we struggle with when transforming literature courses to be more inclusive. 553 more words


Staying afloat

I woke from a terrible dream one day last week.

I was walking on a bridge over a deep canal with a small girl, the daughter of Ghanaian friends. 1,168 more words