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On Motherhood and Depression

My family doesn’t believe in depression.

To them, the concept of mental illness, and the entire field of psychology, is not just foreign but pitiable. Much the same way a group of marine biologists might react if a fringe personality crashed their seminar with claims of proving the existence of the Loch Ness monster, my family responds to the topic of mental illness with their eyebrows drawn together, a half-smile flirting at the edges of their mouths. 1,799 more words

Asian American

Multicultural families, what's on the menu tonight?

This question might sound funny, but believe it or not, lots of interviewees realised during our encounter how much of their childhood memories are related to food, an interesting point, especially when you grew up in a country which is not your actual country of residence. 483 more words

Bilingual Families

This is Me: How I explain my everything in a single blog post.

Head in the clouds. Open-mouthed. Squinty-eyed. Booger in nose. This is me (cue Demi), Dre, in all my oafish glory. 1,202 more words


Bicultural Wedding Invitations

I’m so excited to be sharing our wedding invites on the blog today.  YAY!

When Carlos and I first started thinking about our wedding invites, we decided we wanted something personalised and something that reflected our bicultural relationship.   214 more words

How death broke my family and Whatsapp put it back together

Death broke my family once.

It all started when my grandfather had a stroke. He was the pillar holding up my dad’s side of the family. 1,338 more words


Dear Tiger Moms, Please Stop

Please stop all of your messaging around the fact that your kid is not-even-trying-at-all, but still so-dang-smart.

I don’t know how many iterations I’ve heard (from relatives, from students, from my parents’ friends, and seemingly endless cousins, second cousins, etc) that Little Johnny, Little Eric got a 225, 226, 227 out of 240 on the PSAT and you’re just not sure — is that high enough? 714 more words


Untitled ABC Fiction Project -- Part 1, A Fable

(Yes, I write fiction. To keep myself honest, I’ll post excerpts every now and again just to force myself to… keep writing.)

Part I: A Chinese Fable: 1,973 more words