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I am in love with you and fear is starting to hit me so hard. Thinking about how unsure you are with everything makes me…. I just…. 177 more words


And I, you.

You came unexpectedly and I fell in love with you instantly. Never had I known that someone like you exists – thank you for saving me from despair. 53 more words


My heart!

I love you as much as you love your Jollibee ice cream, baby! Things maybe difficult for us at the moment but I know in my heart that this is worth it. 27 more words


The one with the confused thoughts

Have you seen that FRIENDS episode, the one with the ick factor? If you have you might know what I’m talking about but if not here’s what Monicas story entails in this episode. 651 more words

Life as I Know it

I am the youngest person at my job. I say that like everybody is ten years older than me but that’s not true. There’s a person who is a year older than me, but I feel like I’m older than her, so hanging out with her is not my favorite pastime. 582 more words



I’m stressed, confused and ultimately my stomach is twisting in unexplainable knots. All over one girl and feelings that I don’t even know are real. 309 more words


A Friendship Ruined?

I never meant for all this to happen, you know. This journey into bi-curiosity did not begin with being interested in you.

Before this, I was feeling like I had finally found my place in the world. 630 more words