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Down The Path [Bi-curious man is led down a kinky]

I hear the knocking on the door. Have my panties on under my shorts and t-shirt. Nervously open the door and the man comes by me and I follow him into the living room. 1,105 more words

Gay Fantasy Mini Story

My Bestfriend VS

My bestfriend is a very beautiful woman. She’s funny, bold, confident and sexy. She’s the type of girl everybody wants to know regardless of her resting bitch face. 418 more words


Well... not so fast

The understanding wife part may have been a bit premature.  She came home from dinner with a friend last night with a very new and surprising attitude.  109 more words


To Update You on Me

Ok, so a while back I discovered that I am demisexual, with some asexual tendencies. I wrote this, then, to help my mind make sense od things. 617 more words

The in the past year or so I think I’ve become more in touched with my sexuality. I have always identified myself as a straight girl because the norm was for a man to want a women. 140 more words

Bit of a Break

So Zak came back and my libido ran away. Normally, I have a much higher sex drive than he does, but I think being apart and several other factors contributed to me not feeling up to it. 291 more words

The actress

I think all women go through a bi-curious stage at one point in their life.  I mean whats not to love about women? We have breasts, beautiful different shapes and a delicate touch that a man will never have. 512 more words