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Self Image

I’m a big girl. I’ve always had a little bit of chub, but in the past few years I’ve gained a lot of weight. I went from a nice size 12-14 to a…well, let’s just say I’m big. 992 more words


The first post should be an introduction, right?

Well. I finally did it. I made a ‘real blog’. To blog about my life, my adventures…in lesbianism. Not quite as exciting as travelling, but an experience all the same. 849 more words


Anal-yst, I Am.

I met someone at work recently. Not work-work; more like a contract job that lasted a little over a week. I still remember the first time I saw her. 888 more words

What you need to know about me

Let’s get started, shall we?

I live in Guatemala. I’m in my midthirties, I’m bisexual and single.

Searching for couples in the Guatemala City region to hook up and have some casual fun (wink wink ;)


Lexi’s Story

This was submitted to me by email a while ago, its author is mysterious, going by the name of Lexi, and the email account from which it was sent is now silent. 4,985 more words

The one!

So I mentioned that I had found a girl (we’ll call her Aubrey) previously that would have been perfect for myself and Zak. She’s gorgeous, girly, flirty, sweet. 176 more words


This isn’t the first blog I’ve had since Zak and I have been together. Blogging had always been my escape and he respected that. So when I started this blog, we agreed it would be mine and I would share things with him only if I felt like it. 371 more words