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63. Love him, want her

Recently I was chatting to an old colleague, who’s in a long-term relationship but has started having feelings for women:

“I don’t know whether to talk to my boyfriend or just, you know…go have fun,” she said, flushing. 562 more words

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It seems like a year since I fell in love with a girl
And broke up with her
All in one day.
It seems a year since I opened myself up to new opportunities, 81 more words


10 acts to look out for at Whelan's Ones To Watch

The only thing more annoying than January is the insufferable moaning about the greyest month of the year. With half the country talking about Dry January as if they’re on barefoot Lough Derg pilgrimage, and the other half financially banjaxed after Christmas, something has to give. 452 more words


Oh, The Places We Grow

Dear Charlie,

I have this idea: I like to call it pen pals. It’s revolutionary and has never been done–oh, hold on: I’m getting word that this has been a thing for a while. 601 more words

52. Hopelessly devoted

I’ve never had a crush on a friend. I guess in a way it was inevitable. You make friends with people because you click with them and if you fancy them too…well, why wouldn’t you give love a go? 669 more words


Do you really understand bisexuality?

There are still a lot of things about bisexual dating, and there are still very people who do not understand the simple facts and truths of bisexuality. 133 more words


What is the difference between bicurious and bisexual?

The meaning of bisexual is relatively easy to understand, that is this person is attracted by both male and female. Bicurious is a little hard to define his sexual orientation. 363 more words