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Sexual Development Series

Part I: Beginnings of My Bi-Curiousness 

Alright, so where do I start to try to explain Riley McNeil? Riley dated guys in college, smoked cigarettes after school and had a shiny black car. 883 more words

Playing catch-up

I just wanted to point out that most of what I’m writing about has already happened. My posts are a few weeks behind because when I started this blog, it took me a few edits before I was happy with my first post. 41 more words


Tindering away

So we decided that the safest way to find someone to fool around with was through Tinder. For those of you who don’t know what it is, Tinder is an online hook up app where it only matches you with another person if you both liked each other’s pictures. 265 more words


The Guy Down The Street

Last night I had what I call “my craving.” That is the craving to meet up with a guy to do anal with. It only comes once in a while I don’t know why it happens but it just does. 382 more words


When you open Pandora`s box

The dirty disgusting things we do to pleasure ourselves. You think you are doing something hot or unique. You copy the porn you saw yesterday and bend over like a hoe. 333 more words


The Bi-Curious Man Who Has Some Concerns About Losing His Anal Virginity

A bi-curious Reddit user by the name of wormsaregreatlovers is thinking about jumping into the man pond, but he has a few questions before making the plunge. 468 more words

The Happenings

It's Not April Fools for My Thoughts

Written: April 1, 2015

I don’t see nothing wrong with going both ways. Well at first it is so hard for me to accept it but apparently as time goes by I think I really need to deal with it. 248 more words