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City Spends to Decrease Risk to Cyclists and Pedestrians

The City of Boston is spending $3.1 million in the upcoming fiscal year on its Vision Zero program according to the Boston Globe  in an effort to curb and eventually eliminate fatal traffic accidents on city streets. 72 more words

Ultimate panda eyes

So, I still have two black eyes.

This is a problem. It’s a problem for my vanity, yes, but it’s also a problem because the rapidly disappearing scrape on my forehead means that, as unclear as it was before how I came to be in the state I am/was just from looking at me, it is now even more so. 483 more words

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Roseola and the bicycle accident

Roseola sounds almost pretty, doesn’t it? Roses and the like, perhaps some sort of essential oil.

Alas, no. Roseola, it turns out, is actually one of those extremely irritating childhood illnesses that young children just end up catching. 687 more words

Life In Japan

Cyclist At Fault

Bicyclist:  I recently was going through an intersection on my bike. I did not see any cars and went through the stop signs without stoping. I was almost run over by a car. 97 more words

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Emergency Room Regression Analysis

The next time you’re in a moving metal object which makes contact with another moving metal object and lands you in the Emergency Room, make sure to get a cubicle near the nurse’s station and leave your curtain open. 430 more words

How Will We Live Tomorrow?


The threads of life – you never know where they’ll join up!

When warning lights showed on the dash of our converted van, we weren’t happy. 364 more words

Do I have a case?

If you have been injured in an accident whether it is a car accident, truck accident, bicycle accident, slip and fall or any other accident caused by another person or company you may be entitled to damages for your injuries under California Law. 93 more words

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