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The Unplanned Kind Of Flying

How often do you ride a bicycle?
I’m not a cyclist. I know how to ride a bike, I just haven’t ridden one in quite a while. 502 more words


A Serene Voyage To Nerdsville

Last Sunday I was walking home from work when I encountered a Segway tour of downtown Columbus.

It appeared to be a bespectacled family of four that was rolling along by the Statehouse, with the Mom holding her Segway handlebars in a death grip.  265 more words


Three Invisible (2015)

1. Ink.
2. Ghosts.
3. Bicycle helmet.
Can’t see-
Worn for safety.



Most of us are quite familiar with the saying “you get what you pay for”, but is that always true? What about bicycle helmets?  What’s the difference between a $30 helmet and a $400 helmet? 1,632 more words

Tadpole Trikes

"Information Is Out There!"

The consistent use of bicycle helmets can have a great impact on the safety of recreational cyclists here in San Luis Obispo. As my previous post… 1,153 more words


Bicycle helmets – now that’s using your head!

April 6, 2015 – This week’s blog post is also available from TREKK (Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids).

Head injuries due to bicycle crashes are a common reason that children present to the emergency department. 543 more words


A thousand words

A GALLUP POLL indicates that 24 percent of Americans consider themselves liberals while 40 percent label themselves conservatives. One assumes the other 36 percent are playing with their iPads and feeling superior for being “independent.” 40 more words