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And How Would You Like Your Risk

The white grub larvae were causing patches of dried dead zoysia grass to multiply at breakneck speed. It’s not that you could play a match of lawn bowls on the grass in the back yard but it was looking like a patchwork quilt; and late August is the ideal time to throw some grass seed down. 1,795 more words

Safe Kids on Bikes to be Rewarded with Free Froyo

Kids wearing their helmets while riding their bicycles around Hamilton this summer will be rewarded with a free cup of frozen yogurt.

The Hamilton Police Department and the Hamilton Board of Health are partners in the program, along with Orange Leaf in the Shoppes at Hamilton Crossing plaza. 166 more words

From the Parish Nurses

Since proper helmet fitting is essential for safety, we will repeat suggestions for proper fitting of a bike helmet…

The helmet should sit level and firmly but comfortably on the head. 221 more words

St. Mark's Church

On Bicycle Helmets

Five minutes sitting in a park and it’s not hard to see that bicycle helmets might just be the root of all ill-will between parents and kids. 445 more words


Victim blaming is rape culture and why we need to stop!

A cyclist was killed in Ohio.

Officials reported that Prater was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

“Preliminary information suggests that he was doing everything correct,” Drifmeyer said. 

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Bicycle Helmets

Bicycle helmet protects the cyclist’s head to soften the blow in the fall. If you are an active cyclist, ride a lot – buy the security element. 515 more words

Bicycle Helmets

Modern Poverty or involuntary simplicity Part Two (The other side of the coin)

Part two: Involuntary simplicity.

(Where I decide If I can’t change my financial circumstance then I must change my attitude)

Picture this:

An apparently demented woman is seen tossing stones indiscriminately off the balcony of her third floor apartment onto the carpark below. 1,432 more words