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A thousand words

A GALLUP POLL indicates that 24 percent of Americans consider themselves liberals while 40 percent label themselves conservatives. One assumes the other 36 percent are playing with their iPads and feeling superior for being “independent.” 40 more words


Celebrity Blogger Gets Helmet Research Wrong

I received a phone call last week¬†from Nick Rushworth from Brain Injury Australia. He was in a rush and wanted to know if some comments made earlier in the day on… 1,380 more words

Bean Day, Monday, and the Feed

What can I say, it’s another Monday, and another Bean Day. I was supposed to get a paying gig to go work on another bike but this is one of those bikes that cannot fit inside a heated room, and the current weather situation is such that I dragged a hoodie out of the closet so I have a decent chance of keeping my fingers warm inside the house. 472 more words

Daily Feed

I'm working sick, and the Feed

Yep, after a slight recovery yesterday I had a slight relapse today, but I got nagged out of bed and consumed calories so I’m able to filter links and do the blog. 716 more words

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Hoping my words don't stop again, and the Feed

Well yesterday’s post was an embarrassment. I just wasn’t sure if putting up the post was more embarrassing than not, but I put up a post every Sunday unless physically prevented from doing so. 547 more words

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Last on "Helmets Are Cool" - Recap from Fall 2014

My health promotion campaign was to increase awareness about bicycle helmet use, and to encourage college students at Cal Poly to wear a helmet whenever riding a bicycle. 523 more words


Is your bike helmet fitted properly?

So you took the first step in protecting yourself while riding a bike, and recently bought a bicycle helmet… Now what? You have to make sure it fits your head properly to receive the greatest benefits.¬† 20 more words