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Evidence from Montreal: Building bike lanes to reduce car use

I just wanted to share this article showing evidence of car use reduction (and therefore, car traffic along roads) with the provision of bicycle lanes. 145 more words


Tybee Island Provides Useful Examples of Good Urban Design

It’s summertime and many urbanites are headed to coastal destinations all over the country. Back in 2013 we posted on the many ways in which Tybee Island, Georgia embodies desirable urban planning principles, whether by design or accident. 1,475 more words

Land Use

Bicycle traffic in comparison with motorised vehicle traffic - a case in Iloilo City

I believe that there is a need to have numbers to guide planners and engineers in designing suitable bicycle facilities. It is not enough to claim there is demand since an important requirement for facilities to be provided (i.e., funded and constructed) are numbers for the facilities’ justification. 452 more words


Raised Bicycle Lanes

Steve Hill on Next Door last year proposed having raised bicycle lanes at the level of sidewalks such as exist in parts of Europe.  I think this a very good idea on the busier streets of our city trafficked by students bicycling to school and others simply bicycling for pleasure or to get around where typical Class 4 protected bicycle lane are not possible because streets are simply too narrow. 491 more words


E-bikes deserve our share of the road

Roads in the city should be shared by all vehicles including bicycles and e-bikes. It is legal for me to ride my e-bike on the road. 207 more words


Readings for the new year

I wrote late last year about how the Christmas and New Year holidays allow me to catch up on some readings. These are mostly contemporary articles on transport and other topics rather than whole books (though I just finished one by George RR Martin during the semester). 313 more words


Another look at Iloilo's main bikeway

Much has been written and said about Iloilo’s bikeways and particularly about the grander one built along the main highway that is Ninoy Aquino Avenue. This bikeway is already usable but is being extended along with the road widening works for the national road that connects major towns in central Iloilo province including Sta. 255 more words