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The Minimization of the Bicycle Mechanic

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“You make it look easy,” I hear it all the time in the shop. It’s right up there with “It costs that much to fix that?!” That last remark is usually accompanied by an incredulous look. 486 more words


Jed Mildon Lands First Ever BMX Quad Backflip

Nitro Circus has released the footage of professional bmx riders, Jed Mildon and James Foster, competing to land the first ever bmx quad backflip.

After several painful attempts Mildon becomes victorious, landing the seemingly impossible trick and setting a new standard for action sports! 21 more words


Florida Officer Adams Lin Guns Down Unarmed Black Man Dontrell Stephens

Florida Officer Adams Lin Guns Down Unarmed Black Man Dontrell Stephens |POLICE DASH CAM VIDEO

From Raw Story:

Dashcam video reveals Florida cop gunned down unarmed… 2,380 more words


2 Lost Dogs Near Goldsboro, NC

Wayne County Lost and Found 4 Dogs NC 


LOST !!!!! Goldsboro ,,,,,,St. John Ch. Rd.\ Hwy 111 South area…lost on Dec. 149 more words


word: wizened


Definition: (adjective) Lean and wrinkled by shrinkage as from age or illness. Synonyms: shrunken, withered, shriveled Usage: The wizened face of the man of law was twisted into a wrinkled smile. Discuss.

The Name Changes, but the Game Remains the Same

When I was trying out different names for this blog, I had tried several that were taken. I settled on Quiet Bike Mechanic. The name suited me as I am a quiet person, for the most part. 156 more words

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How to Cheat at Cyclocross Barriers and Get Away with It

Okay, you’re not allowed to cheat in cyclocross. Though mountain bikes, Gatorade hand-ups, and bunnyhopping the barriers might come pretty darn close. Not sure how to bunnyhop the barriers? 72 more words

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