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Inside the Workshop: A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

No two bicycle workshops are quite the same. Some are pristine, super-organized spaces run with a firm hand: everything has a place and everything is in its place. 636 more words

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Cheap Tools Do Cheap Jobs

You cannot build a bike from scratch or service it properly without high-quality tools. They need to fit precisely and be durable so they wear out slowly and evenly over time. 598 more words

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Why Bike Mechanics Always Sit on the Back Right

The race cavalcade consists of the team cars, press, sponsors, VIPs, race organization, commissaires, directors, police, and the neutral support. In the Tour de France, you’re looking at a traffic jam of hundreds of cars. 611 more words

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Wheel Change: A High-Pressure Situation

The wheel change is a pressure situation; practice and a calm approach is essential. It’s the one time that a mechanic can really help his riders during a race. 912 more words

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Every Day Ends with Bike Washing

There is one thing that has always been and remains a part of the daily toil — bike washing.

Aside from team tidiness, repetitive washing has the main benefit of keeping wear and tear to a minimum. 546 more words

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The Worst Days for a Bike Mechanic

A mistake by the pro team bike mechanic can cost the team the race

Mistakes can be hard to come to terms with, but, in fairness, in the world of professional mechanics, they are pretty rare. 764 more words

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The First Bike Mechanics

There was a time when adjusting a bike needed a lot of tools — even setting up a pair of brakes required hours of patience. 739 more words

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