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A Cycling Compulsion . . . one of them

Yes, I want to ride . . . all of the time. But that is not my problem. Many of my two-wheeled brethren will understand my other compulsion. 395 more words


Ralf Holleis, Germany: his VRZ 2 BELT 3D printed titanium lugged carbon bike; 3d printed lamp; plywood furniture. See Blogroll for a link.

T4 Armchair: made of 4 pieces of plywood /

Hänger! lounge chair /

Kreislauf lamp: printed on a modified Rapman 3d Printr in PE, 100 is a lamp based on a simple curve. 61 more words


Review: Mucky Nutz BUTT FENDER mud guard/saddle mud guard/

The mucky nutz is is more secure, or getting hit than Ass Savers large ,witch fill easely fall of when hit or or pulled.

Pros: 203 more words


Review: 2015 BBB-11 LOUD & CLEAR Bell


  • I’ts very loud,even louder than my hamburger and disney bells
  • Tthe spring system work very well, and never get stuck
  • the plastic will not bend and toutch the metal bell it selft so it will always stay loud.
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MTB Cycling Gear Review

Long term REVIEW: 2015 Bontrager xr1 team issue 26x2.20

i used thes tyres more than 5 months. I have done some mounainbiking with these tyres,but sicne i nwo use a full sus’ bike i haev not resenlty done any mtb with his tyres. 205 more words


REVIEW: 2015 ESI Chunky & extra chunky silicone grips

I have ridden with these few months now.

i heard the lizard skins are way too hard,since i already got ESI grips and they are much better than rubber grips,i ordered the extra chunky grips too.the chunky feel much better than any cheap rubber grip or lock on grip i ever had. 298 more words


5 Things You Should Know To Winter Proof Your Bike

Winter is coming in most parts of the country. But even though it is winter does not mean that you have to give up riding your bike. 639 more words

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