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#95. Riverside Park - South

We finally hit the southern part of Riverside Park.  This part of the park consists of open grassy areas and the large tennis center.  We'd never been over to the Ralph Wulz Riverside Tennis Center, and we were amazed! 124 more words


#86. Air Capital Memorial Park

Do you remember that big jet that was on a pedestal on west Kellogg?  As a kid I thought it was so cool that you could see that B-47 Stratojet on display at Air Capital Memorial Park; which was relocated to McConnell Air Force Base in 1987. 153 more words


#85. Pawnee Prairie Park

Pawnee Prairie Park is one of the most beautiful parks that Wichita has to offer.  It is a staggering 624.49 acre Wichita Wild Habitat area.  If you look at the Wichita Parks and Rec Facebook page, you'll see this park is also a hot-bed of discussion. 365 more words


#82. Indian Hills Greenway

Indian Hills Greenway is located at 1300 N. McLean Boulevard.  It's the west side river bank of the Big Arkansas River, between 13th and 9th street. 109 more words

Northwest Wichita

#77. McKnight Parkway

McKnight Parkway is nice place to walk or ride your bike.  There are a few park benches and a paved path, but that's all. To find this park, go south on Hydraulic from Douglas and turn left on McKnight. 18 more words

Southeast Wichita

#71. Cessna Park West

Cessna Park is divided into two separate parks.  Cessna Park West is a nice shady park that is one of the twelve designated Wichita Wild Habitat Areas. 171 more words


#68. Garvey Park

Garvey Park marked our 68th park! Monica Castro, reporter from KAKE, joined us on our visit. We'll post the link to the interview when it's available. 170 more words