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Grab a bike

6 good reasons to go for a bicycle ride.

May is bicycle month.
If you have not ridden your bike in a while come on out on May 1 at 2 pm to the Mt. 71 more words

Bicycle Tips

How to choose cycling shoes?

Cycling is no longer a simple means of transport, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, it is with you to travel around the “good partner”, is a carrier spiritual pleasure. 336 more words


Junior bike riding friends must know Tyre Notes

Bicycle Tire has a characteristic, if one did not succeed, then this tire useless. There are two reasons for the failure: 1. No dry tire sealant that is labeled Tyre sheet. 337 more words

Bicycle Tips

Select riding glasses

I had wanted to look around the Internet there is no recommendation about how riding glasses, took great pains not to find a suitable, so wanted to write a hope to find the time when you can spend someone. 634 more words


Some basic riding skills

(A) position
Correct riding position is: the lower the upper body, head slightly tilted protrusion; natural flexion of the arms, waist bow easy to bend, lower body weight, while preventing the impact force generated due to the car bumps spread to the whole body; hands light The strong grip, buttocks firmly secured seat. 892 more words


Buy bikes as well as some small knowledge

Bicycle, also known as a bicycle, usually refers to two small land vehicles.


It can be used as environmentally friendly means of transport to travel, travel. 596 more words

Bicycle Tips