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The Gorge of Eternal Peril

“What … is your quest?”

To ride Highway 68 between Velarde and Taos? Uh, not so much.

Every time I drive it, I think, “Damn, this would be a fun ride.” And then I remember how people who are not me drive that stretch of highway, and I reconsider. 90 more words

Bicycle Travel

Return of Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

The New Mexico Touring Society, New Mexico Bicyclist Educators and the Adventure Cycling Association are throwing a hoedown on Sunday at Balloon Fiesta Park, right here in Duke City, to celebrate the new Bicycle Route 66 with presentations and speechifying, New Mexican grub and (of course) a bit of cycling. 118 more words

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Loving K.L. Reason #6. Go Green

I do love the park space and green plants around many of the newer developments. In a city the size of K.L. It is encouraging to note that as early as 1984, the city had a “Go Green” policy to encourage a more environmentally friendly style of development. 335 more words

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Dig it

There are times — even when my eyeballs feel sandpapered and my snout is clogged like the Paseo del Norte at rush hour — when I think I was pretty smart to let Herself take that job with the Military-Industrial Complex here in Duke City. 210 more words

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South America wrap up

We are now riding in California – to the north, towards home! – but our experiences in South America are strong with us. It was a wholely different experience from Europe, with unique joys and challenges. 1,349 more words

2014-2015 Bike Tour

Take me to the bridge

The temptation to pee off one of these things is practically irresistible. Especially on a brisk March morning after two cups of coffee and one of tea. 188 more words


Ahhh...the Smell of Travel!

No, I’m not talking about body odour. (although, I must say, after biking in 36 degrees plus and increasingly humid countries were are extremely grateful for showers and clothes that wash and dry over night!) No, I’m talking about smells that take me back on a journey to a specific place or time. 1,209 more words

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