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The Ligurian Coast – Hot, Hilly, Beautiful (Day 14 - 7 June)

Wednesday 10 June: I catch up, then I fall behind, I catch up, then I fall behind. I’m struggling to find the right balance of riding, seeing the places I’m visiting, writing about them/organising my photographs of them and sharing stuff. 1,853 more words

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Genoa: No expectations, thoroughly delighted (5th – 6th June, Days 11 – 12)

“The Most Serene Republic of Genoa ruled the Mediterranean waves during the 12th to the 13th centuries, before deferring to the superior power of Piedmont. Its crusading noblemen once established colonies in the Middle East and North Africa, and its emblematic flag, the red cross of St George, was greedily hijacked by the English.” Lonely Planet… 1,081 more words

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Biking to Singapore

We had way too much fun in the north west of Malaysia, and ran out of time (and desire) to bike the entire length of the peninsula, so we started researching, ‘How to get the bikes to Singapore’. 1,313 more words

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Siem Reap: Get here while you can!

Siem Reap is a city of stark contrasts. The city and it’s people have weathered unspeakable tragedies over the last hundred years yet the city is gradually becoming more and more beautiful and the people are as friendly and warm as you will find anywhere in Asia. 850 more words

Kyaikto – Yangon and bathrooms in between...

Arriving in Kyaiko, we both had a realisation. Bicycle travel allows you to forget about the pressures put on you when you arrive at a destination. 1,176 more words

Working Days and Holidays in Pavia (2/3 June - Days 9 & 10)

Later in the trip it will probably seem strange I spent so much time in Pavia. During my week in Milan I recovered from my journey, dealt with my delayed baggage, saw the sites and enjoyed saying ‘yes’ to invitations from my hosts. 1,044 more words

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Following My Front Wheel At Last: Milan to Pavia (1 June, Day 8)

I’m glad I spent the week in Milan but it was more than time to begin the bicycling part of this bicycling trip. I pedalled away from Daniella’s place in Bovisa around 11:00 am and pointed my front wheel toward the Duomo. 433 more words

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