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Mind-blowing Peace Options!!

Hello Dear Friends,

What an adventure!  I never know what is going to happen next and am constantly pulling myself back into the ‘present moment’…remembering not to think about how soon I’m going to get to the next turn…or where I’m going to sleep tonight…or some past annoyance that circles around my brain when it has nothing else to do. 740 more words

Two wheels, zero brains

It’s been a couple weeks since Herself’s Subaru was towed away to its 永眠の地 (eimin no chi), or final resting place, and so far we seem to be getting by OK with only the one motor vehicle, El Rancho Pendejo being fairly well stocked with two-wheelers. 387 more words

Feckin' Eejits

Dirt road touring / bike-packing on Crete

More than 4000 folk looked at my posts from Crete since starting at the beginning of this month so I decided that, for once, I could perhaps make myself useful and scribble a general info flavoured post with info on maps and stuff  – especially given that Crete is such an accessible, cheap to fly to destination (at least for those of us in Europe :-) ) with some absolutely fantastic riding that doesn’t require a big investment in time, long-haul flights, messing with visas and so on. 1,036 more words


Getting Felt up

One nice thing about having all these bloody bicycles lying about the place — besides the obvious, which is that it’s nice to have a bunch of bloody bicycles lying about the place — is that when one is down to a single motor vehicle, one has options. 215 more words


Windy, Rainy, Sunny Weymouth, UK


My intention was to bicycle today to discover the windy coastline of Weymouth .and Portland Great Britain. However, the day dawned very British-like in character by being very windy, gray and raining. 680 more words

India on a Motorcycle: My Solo All India Motorcycle Journey in one go!!

On December 1, 2008, I left home with the intention of travelling the entire Indian nation on mymotorcycle all alone. I had quit my job as a Sales Manager at Aditi Technologies just to do be truly free! 186 more words


Voodoo child

Damn, what a week. Another Bicycle Retailer deadline, the Giro every morning, and an abrupt and unwelcome thinning of the vehicular herd in the garage. 231 more words

Bad News