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Far Afield

(Harbert, Michigan) Natalie has taken to the road and sidewalk lately  as she recovers from injuries to her hip and thumb. Alas, no bicycling for my bride.  103 more words


"Obnoxious!" Really?

“Obnoxious,” he said riding by me from the other direction.

“Well, at least you can see me,” I mumbled under my breath. And that’s the point; every wise cyclist knows that the first most important thing about riding is being seen. 613 more words

Berlin Part Two

October 3 & 4 –

We enjoyed a lovely day at the International Garden Exhibition in the community of Marzahn on October 3. They were exhibiting special displays of organic and sustainable living choices—not to mention the acres and acres of plantings and landscaping that are there year-round. 258 more words


Berlin Part One

Sep. 30 – Oct. 2 –

While the cycling group had a free day in Dresden on the last day of September, Jack and I mostly stayed in and packed for our Berlin adventure. 894 more words


Cycling Tour Day Four

This was an intentionally short day, so that the hikers among us could stretch their legs and see scenery to leave the viewer breathless, after our arrival in Schmilka. 399 more words