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Greenwich/St. Peters Loop

Sunday, August 30: Day Six of our Taste of the Maritimes cycle tour.

Taking a 35 mile looping ride along more of the Prince Edward Island Coastal Drive, we began our day riding a couple of miles to the Greenwich Interpretive Center, where we locked up our bikes to see a movie about the natural heritage of the spit of land on which the Greenwich National Park resides. 603 more words


Riding PEI #2

Saturday, August 29: Riding PEI #2
Today was scheduled to be the longest (mileage) ride of the entire trip: 57 miles. Certainly, there were options for folks who just didn’t feel like cycling that far — but you had to choose your route first thing in the AM, because shorter distances involved shuttles straight from Kindred Spirits. 1,090 more words


Riding Prince Edward Island

Friday, August 28: Riding PEI
We left Charlottetown via van/trailer to hit a good entry point to the PEI National Park’s paved bike/multiuse trail. We began at Dalvay by the Sea, a National Historic Site. 751 more words


Troop Movement to Prince Edward Island

Thursday, August 27: Troop Movement Day
All of this day of the tour was devoted to getting our bicycles, gear, suitcases, and selves off of Nova Scotia and onto Prince Edward Island (PEI). 814 more words


The Lookoff – YIKES!

Tuesday, August 26: Day Two of our Taste of the Maritimes bicycle tour.

Today’s was a big ride. We totaled about 35 miles, but we had in our “sights” The Lookoff climb, which we all knew would be a kicker of a crank. 971 more words


Bicycle Tour Beginnings

Monday, August 24: Checked out of our lovely (if somewhat damp) Blomidon Provincial Park site this AM early, so we could get to Sue’s home when we’d told her we’d be there, to park Roomba for a while. 607 more words