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It must not be at all cost, no, it’s very wrong,
competition is good, it rewards the best, but not when it comes with a curse. 76 more words


2022 Winter Games Vote Down to Two Cities

By The New York Times, edited by Yutang Sports

When the International Olympic Committee gathers Friday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to name a host for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, it will have a curious choice. 87 more words


Such is life.

Been neglecting my blog waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much just because soooooooooo much has happened in the past one month and I don’t know how to put them down here, 599 more words


Buyers & Sellers

There are buyers and there are sellers! Today, I was a buyer, with a great deal on a rocking chair, a deceased man’s rocker. I hope that doesn’t sound ‘insensitive’. 368 more words

The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 14: Full Fathom Five

An old man is dying but he holds a great secret that some felonious men wish to know. His granddaughter is now aware of this secret but must protect it from those who would take it. 207 more words

The Adventurer

5 Tips to Getting Selected Quicker by Contractors

Stop sending company profiles!

A general contractor can be working on projects from $2mln to $100mln+ in value. No matter the size of project, the contractor will need to select from thousands of bidding companies to eventually hire several subcontractors and even suppliers.  519 more words


Car Rental Success!

Eleven days* after I started seriously bidding for a rental car on Priceline, Hertz Rental Cars accepted my bid. Not for the price I wanted to pay of course, but for a price substantially less than the $50 a day before taxes that Priceline suggested paying (Priceline, do you seriously think I have that kind of money?). 152 more words