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Renewable Energy Bidding forum 2017- India's first legal & Taxation event

Renewable Energy Bidding  forum aims to address new challenges in terms renewable contract, contract management and administration, power purchase agreement pros and cons and assessing the risks involved in the  project contracts & bidding. 84 more words


Time to Win Bid Packs on DealDash!

Let’s bid on bid packs today on DealDash! Bid packs are usually easier to win than other auctions.

Do you need more bid packs on  441 more words


Quiz 14

The bidding has gone 1♣  1♥  p ? to you and you hold:

  • ♠K1083
  • ♥KJ6
  • ♦1084
  • ♣K53

With your partner overcalling 1♥, what is your bid with your right hand opponent passing? 30 more words


SOLD! on Frugal Fun a.k.a. HMR Auctions

Do I hear a bid of ₱1?

₱1 yes, to the lady that just clicked bid.

How about ₱49? ₱49, yes! 

Can I get a ₱97? 323 more words


Hand 18, Friday, March 24th, Victoria Bridge Club

Submitted by Guy Coutanche

Might be worth discussing how slam could be reached (with the hands below), as 6♣ is an excellent and makeable slam, and 7♣ depends on little more than clubs 3-2. 55 more words


Quiz #12 (overcalling)

We are using this quiz as a introduction to an article on over calling at the one level that will be posted soon.

Your opponent on the right opens 1♣ in first position, everyone white (NV).   258 more words


Understanding the Building Profession: Civil Engr & Architects

Understanding the Building Profession: Civil Engr & Architects

There is a lot of confusion about Civil Engineers and Architects. Although architects and engineers perform many parallel functions that contribute to the design and implementation of buildings and structures, there are also key distinctions between the two disciplines. 263 more words