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CHINA Knows Revenge is Best Served Cold!

Odd how Harvard and other elite universities teach values that do nothing for the citizens or the nation. What they teach is greed and selfishness. Getting ahead is all that matter, irregardless of who no an alumni is harmed. 163 more words


Trump is 'divider-in-chief', says Biden

Accusing President Donald Trump of being “divider-in-chief” by fomenting racism, hatred and bitterness among fellow citizens, former US Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday formally launched his 2020 bid for the White House and asserted that his campaign is all about restoring the soul of the nation, rebuilding the middle class, and unifying the country. 425 more words

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Fox: Biden booms, Bernie fades, [GND drags - Trump lags] - Australia defeats GND (Green New Delusion)

Fox News Poll: Biden booms, Bernie fades | Fox News

Biden is the only one with a bit of sense about the GND (Green New Delusion) – and just a bit. 121 more words

Joe Biden Vows Birth Control Will Be Accessible to DNC Patreon Subscribers

Former Vice President and Democratic primary candidate Joe Biden was met with thunderous applause when he announced his policy on abortion, birth control, and women’s rights last night during his guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 192 more words

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