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A Misfit Review

I have been listening to the Drunk Ex-Pastors Podcast since episode #70 after Jay Bakker posted on his Facebook page he would be a guest on their show. 1,450 more words

Review: Jacob Sartorius - The Last Text EP

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I am convinced that there exists a laboratory, somewhere close to the Earth’s core, wherein every few years diabolical scientists manufacture pubescent, quasi-heartthrob vocalists to infest airwaves across the country with sterile sonic pablum. 466 more words


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is the world famous male singer stars, a songwriter who is born in 1994 and he is Canadian stars. Actually, he born on march 1st in 1994 London at the St Joseph’s Hospital. 301 more words


Thoughts 2328

Why are you like this? That’s funny I literally ask myself that question everyday. I need to get my shit together like I don’t understand why I’m freaking out because I have an F but then again I never show up and part of me doesn’t care because I have all my credits. 178 more words