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Floyd Mayweather Is Pissed At Justin Bieber [Video]

Floyd Mayweather is not happy with Justin Bieber after he unfollowed Floyd Mayweather on Instagram recently. Floyd is pissed because when everybody was going after Justin, Floyd was the only person that stood by him and made sure he was ok. 57 more words


Bieber - Through The Lens

In almost every form that it’s available – media has infiltrated my life. When I wake up -before anything else I scrawl through Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook in order to feel like i’m ready to go about my day now that i’ve learned every bit of information that could be at all relevant to my life. 425 more words

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2.6 Million Fans 'Like' Justin Bieber's Chipped Tooth

Is a chipped tooth big news? It is if you’re Justin Bieber. When the pop singer recently posted a picture from the dental office to his instagram account, it got over 2.6 million “likes.” The snapshot shows him reclining in the chair, making peace signs with his hands as he opens wide; meanwhile, his dentist is busy working on his smile. 119 more words

Music: "Despacito" has how many views?

I read in an Forbes article that the song “Despacito” became the most popular youtube video of all time.

My reaction was like… say whaaat? 362 more words



Contrary to popular belief, Teebeebers is not a Bieber fan. He prefers to listen to animal noises and knows how to bellow like an okapi and gobble (and goggle) like a turkey. 42 more words

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Bieber's 'Explanation' Insta Post

We all know by now that Justin Bieber has cancelled his Purpose Tour. He finally addressed the decision personally in a lengthy note on Instagram. Check it out BELOW!!!

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