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My Trip to Paris

I went to Paris!

Paris, Texas Y’all.

I have so many pictures to share with you!

Why, yes, that is the Eiffel Tower with a cowboy hat. 418 more words

Made You Look

What about all the other Creation Stories? - Scientific Evidence for Creation

(by Bruce Malone, used with permission)
One of the frequent objections to allowing the teaching of creation in public schools is that if “creationism” is taught, all other different cultural stories concerning creation would have to be brought into a science classroom. 568 more words


Big Bang theory could be debunked by Large Hadron Collider

Scientists at Cern could prove the controversial theory of ‘rainbow gravity’ which suggests that the universe stretches back into time infinitely, with no Big Bang… 828 more words

Stop killing television

Remember back in the olden days when the number of TV stations could be counted on one hand? Well, neither can I because I’m not a hundred years old, but you get the idea. 616 more words

Σειρες που παρακολουθω.

  1)The Walking dead.

Η αγαπημενη μας σειρα με τα ζομπι!Για αγνωστους λογους οποιος πεθανει μεταμορφωνεται σε ζομπι και προσπαθει να φαει BRAINZZZZZZ και οτι αλλο μπορει να δαγκωσει!Μια ομαδα ανθρωπων,απο διαφορετικα backrounds προσπαθουν να επιβιωσουν χαριζοντας μας 45 λεπτα δυνατων συναισθηματων.Αlso,DARRYL. 34 more words


The Universe Breathes

Big Bang debunked? New theory reexamines beginning of universe

In the movie, The Oxford Murders, the young graduate student, “Martin” (Elijah Wood), wanders into a closed system and inadvertently disrupts it. 788 more words