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Five Reasons Why You Can Believe God Exists | The John Ankerberg Show

For more resources visit: http://www.reasonablefaith.org

For more resources from the John Ankerberg Show visit: http://www.jashow.org

One in five Americans now identify as atheist, agnostic or nothing in particular. 82 more words


Comets and comics

‘Is that really him?’ asked the Resident IT Consultant, when Neil Gaiman appeared on the screen in Big Bang Theory (yes, I know. We’re a few weeks behind in our viewing). 289 more words


The Love Song of Shakti & Shiva

In the beginning was the One. The One was all and everything, and for eons it revelled in being One for millennia of magnificent unitary bliss. 231 more words

If She Can See It, She Can Be It: Women of STEM on Television

Originally posted: July 2015

I am a self-proclaimed Orphan Black geek monkey and I am obsessed with Clone Club (and their marvelous dance parties). When I first started to explore the representation of women in science in entertainment media I wrote a  2,369 more words



Is our universe unique? From science fiction to science fact, there is a concept that suggests that there could be other universes besides our own, where all the choices you made in this life played out in alternate realities. 2,936 more words


Falling.....Falling Hard

I wrote the following a long time ago and it’s just been sitting there waiting and waiting for me to finish it so I thought it was about time I made use of it: 591 more words