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wisdom in the comedy

He appeared normal. He spoke and behaved just like anyone else. The fact that he had no heart was very well concealed. Well, that’s not entirely true.

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This Is The Biggest 'Big Bang Theory' Casting News Yet

It’s a mother/daughter reunion on The Big Bang Theory!

Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Molaro revealed at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend that the long-running CBS series is finally introducing Penny’s mother — and it’s none other than… 191 more words


A Salute to National Birds

Several comments from my last post got me thinking. Most countries have national birds. But why? What do they matter? And which characteristics make for an effective one? 923 more words


Katey Sagal Is Kaley Cuoco's Mom (On Next Season Of 'Big Bang Theory,' At Least)

Shocking news out of Hollywood today, as Uproxx sources have learned that Katey Sagal is Kaley Cuoco’s mom. The news is especially strange because Sagal has been famous since she landed the role of Peg Bundy on Married With Children, and it kind of seems like we would have known if she had a daughter who went on to star on the highest-rated comedy on television. 154 more words


Intelligence - A Poem

It’s a number in a scale
A quotient without units or dimensions
A reward for answering a few questions
On a piece of paper
A venerated test that few people take… 135 more words

Natural World

It's One Of Those Days

I didn’t go to school today.

And tomorrow when I do, my excuse letter will say “please excuse her because she had bad headache and body pains”, because you simply cannot write “too depressed and anxious to get out of the house or even her bed” as an excuse of not going to school. 443 more words