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Channel Surfing with Rachel: Tuesday Night Edition

8:15 PM – TNT

Con Air is on. Steve Buschemi, John Malkovich, and Nicholas Cage. I don’t know what this movie is about but so far I’ve seen brilliant acting from John and Steve and bad hair from Nick. 849 more words


We Are Star People!

No, that is not a Bob Sinclair song. It is a revelation of divine proportions. Only, THIS concept, which is grounded in the soils of the Big Bang Theory, bears more gravity than Creationism. 1,264 more words


Yes, My Accent is Real and Some Other Things I Haven't Told You

October 3, 2015 Yes, My Accent Is Real and Some Other Things I Haven’t Told You

By Kunal Nayyar

Reviewed By Miranda Boyer

I added this book to my local library request when I first heard about it’s release. 189 more words

In The Zone

What classifies as “getting out of your comfort zone”? Ive always thought it was something like doing or attempting something you have always been afraid to do? 160 more words

The World Is Going To Change.

It’s already started. It will be an intellectual awakening. It may also be a catastrophic killer.

At the forefront of change is the long overdue awakening to our ancient past. 1,242 more words