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Does the new much-faster-speed-of-light theory fix the big bang’s problems?

A recent paper1 by Niayesh Afshordi and João Magueijo asserts that they have discovered a testable cosmology wherein during a “critical” cosmological phase of the early universe the maximal speed of propagation of matter (and hence light) was enormously much faster than the current speed of light ( 1,647 more words


The Man Cold Cometh....

Well, The Thing That Will Not Die has reared its ugly head once again:

. 36 more words

Just Because

Big Bang Theory, "The Starchy Transmogrify"

There’s an Inventor’s Convention® in town, and Raj and Howard have a doozy of a new device: a teleporter! After successfully testing the device on a potato, they decide it’s time for a human trial, and Penny volunteers. 64 more words

Big Bang Theory

Big Sherlock Trek


Who are you?

After an hour of Yoga and a meditating nap I have decided I can not choose just one favourite tv-show. In the spirit of my favourite Star Trek spoof Free Enterprise I decide to play all roles like Shatner in the Caesar musical. 108 more words


James Corden & Jim Parsons Make A Music Video For Kansas' "Dust In The Wind"

When you think about Jim Parsons, your brain goes right to Sheldon on Big Bang Theory. You definitely do NOT think singer!

Well, James Corden from the Late Late Show is trying to make a singer out of the actor. 76 more words


Tonight's TV

I know a lot of folks don’t like Big Bang Theory for a number of reasons.

But tonight they did something so right.

Tonight’s episode was a recap of all the characters’ holiday. 173 more words