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Akibat habis nonton Weekly Idol dan lihat ke-super-anehan bingu TOP hahaha. Makin suka sama TOP jadinya. Selamat membaca ff super tidak berisi ini hahaha. :) 1,414 more words

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In the beginning...

Last week, I wrote about my introduction to Big History, courtesy of Prof. David Christian and The Big History Project. I had expected that I would cover everything I wanted to on pre-human history in one week but I was wrong. 917 more words

Big History

Is the Big Bang cosmology a theistic or atheistic theory of cosmic origins?

Dr. Michael Strauss is a practicing particle physics employed as a professor at University of Oklahoma. He does research in particle physics at CERN, a large hadron collider. 1,185 more words

friday the 13th? yea i feel it. black cat and a full moon at my sides….perfect.
Big Bang

Does the new much-faster-speed-of-light theory fix the big bang’s problems?

A recent paper1 by Niayesh Afshordi and João Magueijo asserts that they have discovered a testable cosmology wherein during a “critical” cosmological phase of the early universe the maximal speed of propagation of matter (and hence light) was enormously much faster than the current speed of light ( 1,647 more words


Semnificaţia numărului 4

În aceeași inerție a Big Bang-ului , Creației, trebuie să analizăm cifra 4.
Universul se expandează. Punctul de densitate infinită a explodat datorită rotației determinând spațiul cosmic la un soi de dilatare continuă. 1,032 more words

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A Week’s Worth of Kdramas – week of January 7-13, 2017

I’m staying on top of my kdramas and k-entertainment this week. With single digit temperatures and snow drifts knee-high, I am staying in evenings with a fire, tea and honey, and my shows. 1,456 more words