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Have you ever seen this teaser?? I’m fan of Big Bang, and I’m included into the one who was waiting for their comeback. After I watched it, I think the newest album is the most hilarious, crazy and dirtiest comeback ever… I can’t wait~~~ >,<


A Beautiful Existence

You are true beauty – nature, science, the universe. Love! I can take you wherever you want to go. While you may know me as David, the author of… 985 more words

Giant galaxies die from the inside out: Star formation shuts down in the centers of elliptical galaxies first

Astronomers have shown for the first time how star formation in “dead” galaxies sputtered out billions of years ago. Astronomers have revealed that three billion years after the Big Bang, these galaxies still made stars on their outskirts, but no longer in their interiors. 790 more words


Love It Or Hate It: Big Bang 'Made' Tour Trailer

It’s been 4 hours or so since I watched the trailer of Big Bang’s ‘Made’ tour. I thought I could finally find the words to express the emotions that I’m feeling right now but I’m still at a loss for words. 322 more words

Big Bang Returns with Kill Bill Style Trailer after Three Years of Hiding in Solos

I thought YG was just trolling us for the longest of times, but looks like Big Bang is FINALLY making a comeback. After countless disappointments from comeback delays or not releasing dates, I can now finally say that my babies are coming back. 149 more words


This Is Not A Drill!: Big Bang To Return, Drops Trailer for 'MADE' Tour

It’s finally happening people! Big Bang is back.

As the beginning of that now famous song goes, Big Bang is finally back. Fans have been teased for months that the group will be putting out new music soon but nothing had been confirmed, until now. 187 more words


Weekend Playlist: K-pop for K-Town, Part II

안녕하세요, everybody, and welcome back to another installment of the Weekend Playlist with a Lovely Korean Twist! That’s right, I’m back and better than ever. In case you missed the first one, … 914 more words