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Close my eyes a moment and see what images come

Images of frail old men,
lying, dying in a steel framed bed
their papery hand clutched tight 
by a nondescript woman that refuses to let him slip away 

Above them, constellations filled with celestial spirits
Among them Diana, the huntress
Her bow the moon
Firing stars in sparkling arcs
Over indigo skies

Of swarming nebula
Clouds of burning dust
Infinite force
A quickening
Infinite void
A pulse
Swirling mass
A universe so infinite and incomprehensible 
that identity becomes our tool 
to carve out a small space
we can own and understand
among the chaos. 39 more words
Big Bang

[VIDEO] 150728 BIGBANG's BANG BANG BANG x "The Big Bang Theory"

BIGBANG’s hit song BANG BANG BANG was used as a popular US TV series’ background music for one of its advertisements. The said US TV series is also known as “The Big Bang Theory”. 59 more words

Big Bang

Age of the Universe? Method for estimating it?

I am not an astrophysicist, but we have a Holiday Inn Express in our town.

This is a fascinating trip into the big bang and why the estimate for age of the universe we live in is 13.8 billion years since the big bang with some uncertainties before that. 8 more words

Scientific Method


So BIG BANG’s concert in Jakarta was last Saturday. I am utterly heartbroken that I couldn’t go see them live because I have exams on the 5th. 25 more words


[K-Pop] FABs and FECKs of BIGBANG WORLD TOUR : MADE In Indonesia or BANTEN!

Finally i got my time to write something about the event that i watched last weekend in Jakarta .. oh my bad .. in Banten i mean… yeah it’s Banten not Jakarta.. 351 more words