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Welcome to my second post from my ‘ONE-DAY KPOP ITINERARY AROUND SEOUL’ series. ICYMI, my first post was about Seoul World Cup Stadium which the venue of the annual Dream Concert in Korea. 741 more words

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Robin Collins and atheist Peter Millican discuss the fine-tuning of the universe for life

You might remember Peter Millican from the debate he had with William Lane Craig. I ranked that debate as one of the 3 best I have ever seen, along with the first Craig  vs Dacey debate and the second Craig vs Sinnott-Armstrong debate. 1,361 more words


Big Bang, BIG FAIL- Confessions of a YEC part 14

The modern secular alternative to the Genesis account of Creation is the Big Bang. The Big bang is a very simple story with a very stupid name. 746 more words


Lee Da-hae in “Guesthouse Daughters” Episodes 9-12

Again I am so late but didn’t get much time to write in the past month, so sorry for all who have been waiting for this post. 1,797 more words

Lee Da-hae

Nadia Khan soon to hit TV Screen after 17 Years!!

Nadia Khan – the “Bandhan” fame actress and often known as the Queen of morning shows is coming back to our TV screens.

Nadia khan was popular for her morning show “The Nadia Khan Show”, but she is returning to the dramas this time after 17 years, and we just can’t get our eyes off from her amazing transformation !! 233 more words

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Would You Like To Meet The Fabric Of Existence?

What if someone said to you,

‘Would you like to meet the fabric of existence?’

And you said, ‘Yes.’

What would it be like?

What colour would it be? 254 more words

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Richard Dawkins made me an agnostic.

From an atheist, that is.

Let me clear something, from the beginning.
I’m perfectly happy with the current scientific explanation of how we arrived here. OK, there still are a few gaps that need to be bridged but, on the whole, the story  seems pretty straightforward. 252 more words