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All the Time in the World

I let time get away from me this morning. On Wednesdays I usually go for a short run, then go to Body Pump class at the gym. 978 more words

Foundation of Skincare: Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is a phenomenon that has blown up over the past few years in the western beauty world. This was very surprising to me since I have been doing the act of double cleansing since I was 19 years old ( 595 more words

Engineering Beauty

Stephen Hawking was the first physicist to explain the union of general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics

Hawking’s courage and persistence with his brilliance and humour inspired people across the world. He predicted the existence of mini black holes at the time of Big Bang. 843 more words


Before the "Big Bang" was "I am". A Limerick.

Before the “Big Bang” was “I am”.

Creation is not a big scam.

God said: “Let there be light”.

And there was: With God’s might. 196 more words


Science in the Bible - The Beginning

(4 Minute Read)

How did everything BEGIN?

This question has intrigued people for millenia. Everybody has wondered about it at some time or other. 1,548 more words


’17 A To Z Challenge – Y

As I bring this year’s A to Z Challenge to a close, I’ve stumbled upon a couple of interesting and new (to me) words. This one is for all the Good Christians, the Creationists, the evolution-deniers, and the Christian Apologetics.  294 more words