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Why I love London?

As they say so aptly – London is the roost for every bird..

It is exactly that for me! ‘I love London’ would be some sort of an unjustifying understatement to express my deep desire to visit the city in the United Kingdom. 113 more words


The Final Four: Ben vs Brady, Rodgers vs Ryan.

The four remaining Quarterbacks in the NFL championship games are among the four best quarterbacks in the league. No one could have asked for 2 better games this Sunday (other than cowboy fans of course). 591 more words


Football talk for football guys

So some divisional talk- Steelers are a real threat, and might just walk right over us Pats like Bell’s strolls he takes for 4 quarters. I have no conception of how Big Ben is going to play, but he’s going to be Big Ben; he might get hurt (?), he might be Super Bowl Ben, he might be clean shaven Big Ben. 441 more words

London Bound—Our One “Tourist Day”

The day after New Year’s Eve was a bit of a “throw-away”. You can’t stay out until 6am when you’re 29-years-old and expect productivity when you wake up. 623 more words

When life gives you lemons...

I haven’t written a post for a few weeks because I’ve been dealing with some complicated stuff and been ‘down in the dumps’ for a couple of months due to family illness and death. 402 more words

Day 3: We have an Eye for London.

We woke up on couches. Not an airplane seat, not a bus seat, a couch. It was a wonderful feeling! Along with the ice cold shower I took… But I’m not complaining! 227 more words