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Ben Thru the Eye

I’ve painted from this photo in the past but did it from a closer perspective this time. Just a quick wash with bluish grey for the overcast sky and a few details for the Eye and the trees in the foreground. 75 more words


Destination Review: London

So the first thing that may come to your mind if you’ve been following this blog, is why isn’t he doing more of London’s attractions? Well, there are three reasons. 1,010 more words


A Cultural Interlude in London

No trip to the UK would be complete without stopping in London. The city is full of everything we think of as British but I’m not here to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben or Tower Bridge. 1,038 more words


Attraction Review: Trafalgar Square

City Squares are always something that may not seem a lot, but in actual fact make up one of the best attractions in any city. Trafalgar Square is no exception, and in fact I’d go as far to say that it’s one of my favourite attractions in the entire city. 370 more words


London - Your Guide To Visiting London..The Right Way!

London – Home to the Bank of England, corporate businesses and men with identical outfits. This historical city holds so much more than financial trades and Stock Exchange, it’s culture lies vested in the smaller streets and multicultural fellowship, welcoming tourists from around the globe. 613 more words



Since coming back to the real world in havn’t written any blogs. We’ve had two pay days since being back and are starting to get back on our feet financially again and are now able to do fun things! 601 more words