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MUSINGS_sleeping mountain

as i sleep

i regain

my strength

to move

more mountains

so let me sleep a bit more


Big Beyond

Adventures in Uganda

Hard to believe, but I’ve been out here in southwest Uganda for over 2 months now. And what an amazing eight weeks it’s been!

Living in the small town of Rubuguri, on the edge of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, has been an absolute eye-opener in terms of seeing the basic living conditions of the community here – … 419 more words

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QUANTUMparadox: Timeless Questions About the Universe

So many questions,
So little time…
Unless time is truly an illusion
~> because then all the questions
are non-existent &/OR already answered.
~ @sarahneanbruce #QUANTUMparadox…

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Big Beyond

my new [PLAYLIST] CHAKRA Guides {HiDef}

watch, listen, float away ~> with my new #CHAKRA Guides {HiDef videos, ambient music} ~ @sarahneanbruce

CHAKRA Guides {HiDef} – YouTube
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Big Beyond

POETIC_always love ~ i dream i intend i float i sing

❤ <~ ∞ + ∞ ~> ❤

forever-lasting love {i dream} ,

never-ending love {i intend} ,

ever-infinite love {i float} ,

all-eternal love {i sing} . 6 more words

Big Beyond

if your happiness depends on nothing, you will always be happy. ~ @sarahneanbruce

inspired by “Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.” ~ C.S.

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Big Beyond