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Stating my Intentions

I hope that people will find this blog, and that it will help someone similar to me find clothes and bra’s that fit them, and hopefully help them feel good about themselves. 145 more words


Woman Crush Wednesday: Heather Wells

Heather Wells is a hilarious, self-assured narrator. Although she’s fallen from teen pop stardom she’s taking this in stride, deciding to work as a Resident Director at NYU and get a degree. 182 more words

Woman Crush Wednesday

Big Boned

Here is a conversation that happened this evening at work:

Him: Yeah, I’m from around here, well, now I live in Sechelt but I grew up in this area, went to such-n-such school, blah blah blah… 890 more words

Gettin Skinneeeeee

Slow sandwich

A friend told me that I’m a bit plump,

That made me sad, that mean chump.

I’m not stocky, just globularly honed,

It’s not fat, my tummy’s big boned. 130 more words

Rhyming Story

Changing The Word 'Fat'

I am a fat woman. You can call me curvy, plus-sized, chubby, big-boned, use any word you want, because I don’t care. All of these words are just euphemisms for the word fat. 478 more words

Real talk Tuesday's : self- love and fashion

I’d like to take a moment to thank REGlam online magazine for featuring my article! It was truly a pleasure to write a piece about loving yourself in a fashion-crazed society with unrealistic expectations to always be “perfect.” Always sparkle and always shine!!! 444 more words