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Elle Flynn in Elle's First XXX

Elle Flynn’s first boy-girl hardcore scene is a rough and tumble, take-no-prisoners session with two punishing cocksmen, the most extreme scene shot since Big Tit Gloryhole with Daphne Rosen and Danielle Derek. 369 more words

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Samantha 38G in Hit The G-Spot

Sexy. flirty and curvy, Samantha is just as enticing as the girl we first met in 2002. When she initially debuted, she didn’t jump into XXX immediately, but when she finally did, she shot some of the best content ever. 296 more words

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Big boobs and free porn... (but don't get your hopes up)...

You may have noticed, if you notice that kind of thing at all, that I occasionally tag my posts with ‘big boobs’ and ‘free porn’ alongside my normal ‘humor’ and ‘art’ and tags like that. 330 more words


Have you ever noticed that when you are driving, everybody who drives slower than you is an annoying jerk who is slowing everybody down by just puttering along obliviously, but that anybody who passes you is a raging speed-demon bent on causing vehicular mayhem?

Oh… wait… I seem to have said everything I meant to say right in the title and now there isn’t really anything to put down here in the actual post… I hate it when that happens… takes some of the joy out of being so frightfully clever in pointing out an amusing foible of human nature… I guess that is another reason I love Photoshop so much… I could have done some funny pictures and stuck them in here… but it is a three day weekend and even the crack squirrels in my head are taking it easy.


Dors Feline: Dors Goes Retro

Dors Feline quickly became one of Britain’s top big-bust models and her popularity quickly extended to North America. “I have been a fan of Dors for a while and it is fantastic to see her given the Score treatment,” comments Aaron. 296 more words

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Sophia Adams

A bottom heavy angel.

Sophia was blessed with an amazing figure.

She’s just so damn cute!

She looks great in a pair of tight jeans

She has a cute tummy!

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Dallas Dixon: Hooter Hospital

“I think this patient will be all right in your hands,” the MD tells Nurse Dallas Dixon. Boy, is that an understatement! As soon as he leaves, Dallas tells him, “You know I once had a patient I did something special for and his health improved greatly! 414 more words

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