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More tips to make your blog awesome… uh… not that it isn’t… part 7…

Remember, kids, sexy sells! I know, I pride myself on having a mostly family-friendly blog… despite the best efforts of some of my minions… I’m looking at you, Trent… and the fact that I occasionally tag my posts… randomly… with tags like: ‘free porn’ and ‘big boobs… look, don’t judge me… I explained all that… it is a public service… I figure if I can get those people who spend all day on the internet looking at porn sites to spend a little time here, I am doing us a all a service… and at least they get to rest for a few minutes… in fact, I think I will tag this post that way, just to prove my point… and boost my stats… HA! 114 more words


I Have NOTHING To Wear!

Seriously! I have nothing that fits in my Indian clothes collection!

Not in my overcrowded cupboard….

Or even in my under-bed storage!

I have many outfits, collected over the years, in varying sizes as, like most women, my weight has fluctuated over the years. 163 more words


Ooo la la... Nice knickers!

It’s the weekend, YAY! My other half is at work all weekend and this has led to a little alone time – bliss. And with alone time comes self reflection and time for a slab of self indulgence. 892 more words

Don't objectify me. Tinder nightmares continue.

Ummmm. Okay. So, on what planet did calling me fat as your opening line occur to you? It does not matter if you like it or not. 154 more words


Watch The Struggles Of Women With Big Boobs

There are certainly struggles that men deal with that women know nothing about.

By the same token women deal with things we could never imagine. 34 more words

Big Boobed Girls are Funnier

So, this dropped into my inbox the other day as a subscriber to Bravissimo – bras for the bigger boobed lady. I thought it was quite funny and wanted to share with those of my followers who know and share the issues I face as a small backed (30) large boobed (JJ/K) lady. 161 more words



It has only been the last year that I have really fallen in love with stripes. I realised as I was looking through my t-shirt drawer that the majority of items were stripes with a range of different shapes and sizes. 276 more words