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Law Enforcement Agencies All Over California Secretly Tracking Cell Phone Users

techdirt.com | Mar 14, 2014

by Tim Cushing

More documents have been uncovered (via FOI requests) that show local law enforcement agencies in California have been operating cell phone tower spoofers (stingray devices) in complete secrecy and wholly unregulated. 748 more words

Police State Dictatorship

TSA behavior detection officers' ability to detect bad actors little better than chance, GAO study says

A federal study that looked at hundreds of studies on identifying signs of deception concluded that behavior detection officers like those employed at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport fare no better or only slightly better than anyone else in accurately picking up cues. 747 more words

Police State Dictatorship

Tennessee Highway Patrol uses big rigs to spy into cars and watch occupants

It provides a better vantage point for officers. “You can actually look down in the vehicle and see what’s going on inside the vehicle,” said Lt. 493 more words

Police State Dictatorship

NSA Prism program taps in to user data of Apple, Google and others

A slide depicting the top-secret PRISM program.

• Top-secret Prism program claims direct access to servers of firms including Google, Apple and Facebook

• Companies deny any knowledge of program in operation since 2007… 1,750 more words

Police State Dictatorship

PRISM scandal: tech giants flatly deny allowing NSA direct access to servers

Silicon Valley executives insist they did not know of secret PRISM program that grants access to emails and search history

guardian.co.uk | Jun 6, 2013… 679 more words

Police State Dictatorship

NSA secretly collecting phone records, locations of millions of Verizon customers daily

Under the terms of the order, the numbers of both parties on a call are handed over, as is location data and the time and duration of all calls. 1,449 more words

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Why a drone can hover over your home, and you can’t stop it

Private drones. Source: Creative Commons

National Constitution Center | Mar 8, 2013

By Scott Bomboy

Lost in the controversy over the federal government’s use of military drones is an issue that hits home: commercial drones that can videotape you in your backyard. 884 more words

Big Brother Surveillance Society