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Netflix pulls Maya the Bee episode for drawing AND navy pilots get whacked for drawing too

This program was pulled (in Europe) this past September, but here in good ol’ USA, it was only a few weeks ago. The episode; King Willy*** 202 more words

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That Twitter Email

This is a portion of an email that was in my (and many others’) inbox this morning.  My first reaction was, no big deal.  I have no doubt I’ve encountered any number of bot accounts (Russian or otherwise) on Twitter.  266 more words

Celebrity Big Brother and civilian show ‘to be axed later this year’

Celebrity Big Brother and its civilian original show will reportedly be axed later this year.

According to The Daily Star, Channel 5 are planning to ‘pull the plug’ on the show after dwindling ratings, with a lack of interest meaning the programme is ‘consigned to the dustbin for good’. 199 more words


The Next Move MTV Should Make to Generate Buzz Around The Challenge

As we saw last week, the inclusion of UK kids and Big Brother houseguests has not hindered the performance of The Challenge at all. In fact, it has improved it. 439 more words

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NSA Deletes Data- OOps!

Did NSA delete all of their surveillance data of just some people or everyone?

Here is the article from Politico.

Flashback: Looks like they have something to hide. 58 more words

Finding Your Voice

(The Intercept) – Ava Kofman:

Forget about Siri and Alexa – when it comes to voice identification the “NSA reigns supreme” …

theintercept 2018/01/19 voice-recognition

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Television We Gave Up On

With the advent of streaming services, there is so much TV to watch and trying to determine what’s good and what we should give up on is an ongoing decision. 910 more words