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Vote for Your Top 10

Let’s be superficial for a minute, not that vanity is something that doesn’t come naturally to reality television fanatics. Below are polls for the top 25 men and women from regional and continental Big Brothers respectively. 211 more words

Big Brother

Orwellian Bracelet Pushed by Big Tech to Enforce Social Distancing Will Beep to Prevent Human Contact

Reported by  Shane Trejo | May 27, 2020

URL of the originating web site: https://bigleaguepolitics.com/orwellian-bracelet-pushed-by-big-tech-to-enforce-social-distancing-will-beep-to-prevent-human-contact/

The coronavirus pandemic is being used to escalate the push for Big Brother, and tech corporations are salivating at the opportunity to  667 more words


Why We Refuse to See The Unseen

Why We Refuse to See The Unseen

I’ve never seen a UFO. I thought I heard one outside my window one night, but of course that’s pure conjecture. 854 more words

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Jól megszivatott ez a mocsok twitter (karöltve a gmaillel, véletlen..?). Lépnék be a fiókomba (oké, úgy félévente szoktam, nade), erre azt mondja, meg akar győződni róla, hogy én vagyok én (a jelszavam, amit remekül megadtam, ezek szerint nem erre való). 213 more words


‘Contact Tracing’: A Panopticon Grid Of Total Surveillance

From geopolitics.co

As part of their carefully orchestrated coup d’état, Technocrats have declared war on an unseeable virus. The respective ‘army’ of foot soldiers is now revealed as ‘Contact Tracers’ who will kickstart the national panopticon grid of total surveillance. 198 more words


The Irony of Freedom

Our desire for freedom starts young. Freedom to eat what we want, freedom to wear what we like and freedom to study what we want (or should I say freedom to not study at all). 1,882 more words