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The Best Screenplays, Directors, and Films of 2014

How do you split up screenplays and genres of film? Best original and adapted screenplay? The lines bleed into each other. Inception was nominated for Best Original Screenplay a few years ago despite being based on an unpublished short story. 2,296 more words


Forget the Reviews, Go See 'Jupiter Ascending'

I’m unaccustomed to recommending movies I find bad or, in this case, mediocre. I suppose you could say this is the equivalent of knowingly cooking bland food for house guests, so this is a bit of a new experience for me. 569 more words


Ryan Reynolds On 'Deadpool's Small Budget: 'We Get To Make The Movie We Want To Make'

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You and I, we’re not at Sundance. Instead, we get to read reviews and reports about the amazing films that will one-day work their way to our local art-house theater or multiplex, and we get to see pictures of bundled up celebrities shivering outside while they talk up those projects and, occasionally, bigger comic book movies that are on the horizon. 310 more words


5 Indie Films Masquerading as Big Hollywood Productions

What the hell is an indie film anyway? For some, the first things that come to mind are small crews, low budgets and none of those pesky producers in sharkskin suits. 798 more words


A Few Words On Remember Me

This post contains spoilers for Remember Me.

Fuck videogames, right?

It’s a Thursday afternoon. It’s hot outside, you’ve had an awful day, you want to go home and play something, take your mind off all the crap going on for a couple hours. 1,408 more words

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