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Escape From The 29th Floor

Back in her small hometown of Rushing Falls, the tallest building stands eight floors tall. It took until 1987 for that to be built. If the town were to put up a thirty storey building, such as the one Samantha’s works in, she’d be able to see from one end of the city to the other, maybe even over to the next city. 819 more words

Helpless Hoping

Hello, internets, from Amtrak train 171, currently somewhere is gloriously green Virginia. There were some cows just now, and a heron in that tiny pond by the tracks where I often see a heron. 1,436 more words

The Bean

Look Up!

From an early age, our vision is “cued.” We perceive what we are looking at through size relationships, shadows, orientation, and a whole host of other interactions. 415 more words

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Snow day updates

Hey, gang. Yes, I am still here. ETA Yes, I started this on the blizzard day and now things are melting and I still not editing it to any kind of a reasonable length. 2,252 more words

The Bean

An Afternoon at Multnomah Falls

Although moving to a brand new city can put you into a daze, the new found ability to explore parts of the country you’ve never seen before outweighs thoseĀ feelings of being overwhelmed. 266 more words

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Chicago Lake Front - Raise Money and Walk for Causes Important to You

With Fall almost over, the Chicago lake front events are winding down. With it’s vast walkways and vistas it is a great place for groups to have fund raising walks for causes near and dear to those who attend. 348 more words


You Are Never First

Long gone are my suburban days when I can run into the store for a quick pick up of somethingĀ for dinner. Ditto for deciding to go out to dinner at that last minute on a Friday or Saturday night. 297 more words