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I’m no stranger to the city. I was born in Pretoria, and lived between Pretoria and Johannesburg for most of my life.
In my 25 and a half years on earth, I have moved 22 times. 1,124 more words


The Guy Who Just Couldn’t Win, pt. 1

I met J* online… okay, to be honest… I met J on Tinder.

Don’t judge.

More people meet online today than in real life.

It’s what us busy, career-minded people have to do. 717 more words


The One Who Got Away, pt. 2

It was a soccer party. A BIG – THE BIG – soccer party of the year. All the teams go, even some from out of town. 362 more words


"I can't say enough how glad we are that we made this decision!"

“We contacted Daniel on a whim, overwhelmed and a little intimidated by everything SP had to offer and only 24 hours in the city. We sent him some ideas of things we wanted to do and he got back to us right away, putting together an itinerary. 194 more words


Sunday Brunch

Yesterday was the first time we would go to the church’s home group since we had moved to the big city. The way the church here works is that one Sunday they’ll have a big meeting with everyone in the actual church building and then the next Sunday they’ll have a home group meeting in someone’s home and talk about last week’s meeting, create deeper friendships, stuff like that. 1,315 more words


Bet Your Bottom Dollar

Tomorrow the only dream that has been consistent throughout my teenage years will be realized. I’m leaving. Getting out. Breaking free, the whole nine yards, and heading to Toronto. 124 more words


I was just going through an old external hard drive I have and looking back on some of my photography from over the years. This photo is one of my favorites. 101 more words

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