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Real Estate Shadow Inventory is being kept in smaller towns more than big cities

Out of sight, out of mind, right! That may be the case as the shadow inventory grows in startling numbers. For some reason, we see prices rising in larger metropolises as people are tempted and lured to within those domains, while the small towns largely get ignored and go to waste. 342 more words

Sunday afternoon thoughts - last day of holidays

The last day of holidays. Have to go to work tomorrow, dreading dreading. Wanted to spend the last Sunday with good movies and blogging, but the internet wasn’t working properly, so lost most of the day. 141 more words


In The Big, Big City

I’m a little overwhelmed. This has been a rather eventful, busy day. A learning day. Let’s go through my day, shall we?

This morning, the girls wanted me to walk them over to the bus. 484 more words

Small town living trumps the big city perils

There I was back in my small town, living the small town dream where I knew everyone and everyone knew me. It sure did beat living in the big city and being approached by horrendously vile characters who wanted to do unscrupulous things…like paint me nude! 1,086 more words

Morning rush hour in London: Traffic piling up on the lane leading into the City

London, UK, images, big cities, driving in London, congestion charge, commuting, public transport, London buses, traffic, morning rush hour, sheer volume; pictured: Waterloo Bridge, viewed from the leading towards Waterloo Station (away from the City) 9 more words


Facebook Yard Sale Groups: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

A couple of months ago a friend of mine turned me on to a yard sale Facebook group. Now keep in mind that my friend lives in Arizona and I live in California. 505 more words


Small Town Blues - or - Things I Lost While Living

Small-Town Syndrome:

A condition in which small towns suffer from a lack of offerings in a number of important lifestyle categories (i.e.; stuff to do, availability of the opposite sex, etc.) and a general malaise of boredom and monotony. 1,101 more words