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Hi Everyone!

Hi! and welcome to my blog. This is my FIRST blog ever! So please bear with me. I’m here to tell you about my life and hopefully help anyone who would like advice. 452 more words

Big City

Random thoughts of a single lady in a big city

If you are like me, 20 something, single and living in a big city, then you would think that finding  someone would be easy…big sea, lots of fish to choose from, you know how the saying goes. 183 more words


Living Life in a Big City

Living Life in a Big City

First and foremost I am not a city girl. Not in the slightest. I love the fact that there is so much going on in a city and I can appreciate the beauty of it all, but I need space. 188 more words


Civility in The Big Smoke.

I like to think I’m a kind and thoughtful person. I try and be nice to other people, but you’d think I was a circus sideshow act with the looks I get. 574 more words

Big City

In the big city,
The sky turns black every morning.

Black like coffee, truck exhaust.
Strangest thing you ever saw.

People who aren’t from there… 191 more words

J.T. Carlton

World Problems

By Joel Goldsmith

From Tape 252 Side 2

1959 Halekou Special Work

by Joel Goldsmith

From Tape 254

World Problems

“Once we begin to nullify carnal mind, mortal mind, this belief in two powers, you will find that that nullification raises up those capable of being the instrument of this and it is even able to take the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse and make them instruments for good. 143 more words



I recently went to NYC on a work trip and being it was my very first time in the Big Apple, I made sure to take a lot of pictures. 19 more words