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Slice of Life.

Who knew apple pie could make me swear so much. It’s a pie, a pastry shell filled with sweet apples, and in today’s case accompanied by a splash of cream. 494 more words


I’ve landed myself in Victoria with no real idea of what to do with myself because while I’m at a bus depot, there aren’t any buses. 31 more words



Made it to Pacific Central Station with two minutes to spare to catch my connection.

I’m now taking a rather roundabout route to get to Campbell River. 53 more words



I feel like a 3am refueling and cleaning stop is cruel and unusual punishment at this point. My head hurts from the number of times I’ve hit it off the window from all the bumps on the highway. 6 more words


Moving on

We’re currently winding our way out of Calgary. Running slightly late, but that’s okay. At least we’re moving.

In 24 hours I’ll finally be at my destination. 21 more words



Just waiting for the security check to start so I can board the bus to Vancouver. Probably have about 20 minutes to wait. I’m already lined up anyway. 41 more words


The Best Laid Plans

I have so many things looming over my head, and all I want is a vacation!  I want to go to the hot springs but I keep putting it off until I can get all of this paperwork squared away.  1,111 more words

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