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Loves, and Lows

January 25 – January 31

This bitch falls way too deep in love with things. Too fast, too easy. A cup of Tesora from Philz, the latest single by the 1975, Giants making the playoffs in an even year, stilettos under $20, Bernie Sanders. 676 more words


Hsinchu verkennen

Gisteren zijn Florian en ik opnieuw met Mr. en Mrs. Hsi naar het grote shoppingcenter ‘Big City’ getrokken. Mr. en Mrs. Hsi moesten nog kadootjes kopen voor Chinees nieuwjaar. 349 more words

Bubble Living is NOT Jesus Following.

I live in a bubble.

Let’s start over, I live in a small but growing town of about thirty thousand. I work for a family business in another small town a half hour away, my life and my family’s life revolve around our small town way of life. 1,014 more words

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Tourists in Shanghai VI


I have told you earlier about the Bund, which you can see here. But if you are visiting then you should come and see it during sunset – or while you’re out partying (might as well; you’ll kill two birds with one stone). 278 more words


Cow Town

I am from a small cow town in Washington State, up in the North West next to Canada. It’s a beautiful place, I love it and miss it everyday. 309 more words

Travelling in winter

Travelling in winter

It doesn’t matter where you travel but it matter when you go. A few weeks ago we talk about the travel list but know we are being more specific. 365 more words