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Trust Fund Baby Reappears

I don’t really remember the first time I met Ty, just that he started coming to the club shortly after I started working there. Him and his friend Luke used to always buy their tickets from me and, since they came by so often (and since they were so good looking), I made a point of learning their names and getting friendly with them. 1,584 more words


New York City, I love you

It still feels like a dream. Walking through 5th avenue, looking down from the Empire State Building, shopping at Times Square and looking for a way to the Chelsea Market. 206 more words


Well hi!

I’ve been perusing Chapters for two hours when I decide that I need to start writing.

It’s not that I have anything so interesting to say, exactly. 396 more words


Day 2: Where do you want to be in 1o years?

As I’m starting my senior year of college, my future and what I’m actually going to do with my life have both been something that I’ve been thinking about all of the time lately. 347 more words

Calling All: Big City Dreamers - Marvel at these Metropolitan ISA Cities

By Caroline Tosbath and Kendra Ansotigue, ISA staff

Here are some questions to get your mind in gear to begin the process of choosing your ideal program location! 427 more words

Choosing Your Program

Big #developingyoureye

The theme for day 7 of the #blogginguniversity #developingyoureye course is #BIG! It’s not difficult to find big things here in Mexico. Of course it’s all about perspective. 652 more words

Solitude #developingyoureye

Day 6 of the #blogginguniversity #developingyoureye course and the theme of the day is solitude. It’s been surprisingly difficult to capture a photo of solitude here in Guadalajara. 688 more words