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If I Am Truly Crazy

(Not sure how I feel about using a dependent clause as a title, but lets just go with it.)

So yesterday I saw this on my iPhone: 256 more words


Big D Texas Marathon, the Technicalities

Now that I’ve told you the story about the day itself, I want to post specifically about the technical details of the race – partly for my running nerd friends and partly to help myself remember. 297 more words

Run, Joni! Run!

More Marathon Musings

Because one marathon post just isn’t enough.

Number Crunching:

  • My bib number was 497. If you add up the digits (4+9+7) you get 20. If you add those digits (2+0) you get 2.
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Big D Texas Marathon Race Recap

  • If you want the short version: I came, I ran, I conquered.
  • If you want the long version: keep reading.

When my alarm went off at 4:40 am on Sunday morning, my nerves and excitement immediately kicked in. 1,511 more words


Big D Texas Marathon

Sunday was the day I’d been waiting for since Christmas, the Big D Marathon! 16 weeks of training and the day had finally arrived!

This weekend was special to me in so many ways. 926 more words

Run, Joni! Run!

The (Unofficial) Marathon Results are in...

Drum roll please…

4:24:55 according to my Garmin! That’s a 9:57 average pace if you go by the distance it clocked me at. Couldn’t be happier! 77 more words


Big D Training: T-Minus 12 Hours

The anticipation for this race is starting to get to me. I feel like I’ve been saying, “It’s almost here!” for weeks now. (Hm, probably because I have.) Well, now it really is almost here. 372 more words