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Security Breaches Cost Double if Virtual Infrastructure Affected

According to a special report on the Security of Virtual Infrastructure, conducted by Kaspersky Lab, enterprises pay over £507,000 on average to recover from security breaches which affect the virtual infrastructure of a company; more than double the cost of incidents involving only physical infrastructure. 376 more words


Cassandra Developer JumpStart

Okay, so you decided to start playing with Cassandra to get an idea of one of the most widely used big data databases!

In this post I will give a (hopwfully useful) walkthrough of how to get started with Cassandra and perform a few simple but important actions for any database environment: 447 more words

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Not scared of algorithms? Perhaps you should be.

A while back, I wrote about a run-in I had with a rental car company, or to put it more accurately: a rental car company’s… 175 more words


Reduce Admissions and SAVE with Analytics - Transform Your Healthcare Enterprise with Data Analytics (Part 3)

Healthcare data analytics has great potential to enhance an organization’s performance. Decision makers for healthcare providers are considering data analytics to reduce their increasing costs and bolster the healthcare provided to patients/consumers. 588 more words

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Getting a Healthy Diagnosis with Big Data

Big data has already proven its value in business and marketing concerns.

Corporations are positively swimming in vast amounts of data that they are still trying to find ways to navigate. 515 more words

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The Benefits of NoSQL

The various NoSQL databases available today differ quite a bit, but there ae common threads uniting them: Flexibility, Scalability, Availability, Lower Costs and Special Capabilities. 352 more words

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Transform Your Healthcare Enterprise with Data Analytics (Part 2)

Because of intense competition, healthcare providers and organizations are forced to look for ways to enhance outcomes for consumers and patients, while simultaneously reducing costs. Healthcare organizations generate massive amounts of data and because the data is a key factor to identifying the areas where an organization needs improvement, organizations need techniques such as data analytics to gather data together and analyze it for better outcomes. 632 more words

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