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Leave One Out Encoding for Categorical Feature Variables on Spark

Categorical feature variables is a thorny issue for many supervised Machine Learning algorithms. Many learning algorithms can not handle categorical feature variables. In this post, we will go over an encoding scheme called Leave One Out Encoding, as implemented with Spark. 919 more words

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Disclosure in the United Kingdom has sparked a heated debate about the health impacts of an errant algorithm
By Robert N. Charette

Source: 450,000 Women Missed Breast Cancer Screenings Due to “Algorithm Failure” – IEEE Spectrum… 192 more words

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Every Organisation Wants Improved Business Value

Are you delivering business value in your projects and activities?

What is Business Value?

The source of Business Value in a project or improvement activity does not necessarily come from a single route, it can be from a variety of improvements, depending on the organisational aims and objectives and where they are in their journey to value. 716 more words

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Car repossession: Big Data +AI tools are not value-neutral

Does recent technology inherently favor capitalists over workers?

There is a lot of concern about AI potentially causing massive unemployment. The question of whether “this time will be different” is still open. 471 more words

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The Immense Benefits of Using Data Analytics-Driven Digital Menu Boards

The digital menu board is a technology that is being adopted by most restaurant businesses today. This is because of the countless benefits that it provides to restaurant owners and marketers. 868 more words

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To Delete Or Not To Delete — That Is The Question

Originally published on 3/28/18 at Forbes.

There seems to be confusion in corporate America about whether or not to delete data. On one hand, there are legal departments that advise keeping everything forever, and on the other are those that recommend deleting everything as a matter of policy as soon as possible — whacking away at files and folders on your file servers like a drunk landscaper whirling a weed whacker around your yard. 868 more words

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Don't Dilly Dally About Data

Do I need a cloud server or should I use a hard drive? Is it worth hiring a data management expert? What type of security do I need? 498 more words