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Nums: A world of battling algorithms

In my SBA course, we explored how human judgment and decision-making can often be outperformed by out-performed by algorithms, especially in oft-repeated data-rich situations which are largely rules-based. 127 more words

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Mobile Phone Usage Data Analytics for Effective Marketing Campaign

Insights gained from analyzing mobile phone usage data can be extremely valuable in marketing campaign and customer engagement efforts. For example, hour of the day when an user engages most with his or her mobile  device could be used to choose  the time to send a marketing message or email. 645 more words

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Spark Cassandra Connector On Spark-Shell

Using Spark-Cassandra-Connector on Spark Shell

Hi All , In this blog we will see how we can execute our spark code on spark shell using Cassandra . 412 more words


Big data and the promise of bureaucratic efficiency

One of the fundamental questions of my PhD thesis has been to conceptualize privacy and surveillance in a way which not only describes the society we live in, but also explains why the current information society with its fetishization of data looks the way it does. 492 more words

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Interview: A GPS-style background leading to Data Science career

This is relevant to GPS students who are considering where they will fit in the data analytics/big data world.

Interview of Emily Robinson, who transitioned from a social science background to a career in data science, recently becoming a data analyst at Etsy. 10 more words

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Transaction Management in Cassandra

As we are all from the Sql Background and its been ages SQL rules the market , so transaction are something favorite to us . 914 more words


Twitter's tweets analysis using Lambda Architecture

Hello Folks,

In this blog i will explain  twitter’s tweets analysis with lambda architecture. So first we need to understand  what is lambda architecture,about its component and usage. 699 more words