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第2のWatsonとなるか? Cortanaで予測解析に挑むMicrosoft [ #cbajp ]

米Microsoftのデジタルパーソナルアシスタントツール「Cortana」は、ビジネス向け予測解析分野にも乗り出そうとしている。同社のスマートフォン「Windows Phone」の音声技術として産声を上げたCortanaは、テキスト分析エンジンと機械学習能力を備えている。そしてMicrosoftは、米IBMの「Watson」のように、ビッグデータを活用するクラウドベースの分析サービスにこのCortanaを組み込むことを計画している。



ヴイエムウェアやHP Enterpriseとの合併視野に?--EMCの今後のシナリオと課題 [ #cbajp ]



Big Data

Is the CEO undermining your enterprise's big data strategy?

Big data can be a valuable asset to enterprises that apply analytics tools to uncover insights into customers, markets, and internal processes.

Yet many enterprises still don’t get as much value from analytics as they had anticipated. 282 more words

Big Data

Customer Journey Analytics and Data Science

Fortune 500 companies are making large investments around Programmatic Marketing (“Marketing that learns”). One of most often implemented use case in Programmatic Marketing is customer journey mapping and analytics.   719 more words

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Analytics startup Mode raises $7.5M and adds support for multiple charts in each report

Mode, a startup which has built a cloud service that data analysts can use to query and run reports on data, announced today a $7.5 million funding round. 58 more words

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Hadoop is Fascinating

Hadoop is rapidly gaining popularity and a large number of companies have already started using it to their advantage. Hundreds of others are expected to follow the trend. 879 more words

Beware the Dangers of Dark Data

The amount of data we’re generating is doubling roughly every 18 months, which is eerily similar to Moore’s Law scale for the growth of processing power. 86 more words

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