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Big Data, how to calculate ROI for downtime.

Just as True Downtime Cost ™ (TDC) justify Lean projects, it works for Big Data projects too.

The source article linked to at the bottom of this page, introduces the two missing elements in most industrial big data initiatives that result in failure for end users to realize their Return On Investment (ROI) goal. 75 more words


Smart City and Revenue Opportunities for Cities | Big Data and Municipal Revenues

By Albert Gibosse | Blue Label Weekly Magazine | Website |

The Ideal Thing Is For Smart City Initiatives To Also Provision To Capitalize Awesomely By Leveraging Big Data And IoT… 657 more words

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Instant Data Science

If you have skimmed through the high tech job listings lately, you’ve surely noticed the demand for data scientists. Although there is no consensus on the exact job definition, many companies want data experts and are willing to pay a high price for the right candidates. 85 more words

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Importance of Interactive Maps in Big Data Space

The primary purpose of an interactive map is to offer the ease of visualizing data to the user in a simplified manner. These flexible, web-based mapping tools possess points which, when clicked display the detailed relevant information. 89 more words

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How to Leverage Public Records for Business Intelligence

When it comes to discovering the power of public records for prospecting, real estate agents are often so impressed that they either want to hide their newfound tools from the competition, or share them far and wide. 48 more words

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‘Five Eyes’ tests AI in battlefield scenario

The militaristic use of AI is somewhat controversial, so this story in Artificial Intelligence News sparked my interest. According to the story, the British military has been trialling the use of AI to “scan for hidden attackers in a mock battlefield environment.” The testing ground is actually in Montreal, Canada rather than the UK, as Canada and the UK, along with the US, Australia and New Zealand are members of what is called ‘Five Eyes’, which is a security partnership. 511 more words