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The Future of Big Data in Healthcare and News for Flu Victims

According to an article in Business Insider, in the future, when you report symptoms to your doctor, they will be cross-checked with your community to see if there is a trend which might indicate an outbreak. 239 more words


IoTビジネスの成功要因はドメインやモノのノウハウ [ #cbajp ]




Everyone Already Knows Who You're Voting For In 2016.

How Big Data, social media, and analytics will determine the next POTUS – maybe even before election day.

By Camelia.boban (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( 1,045 more words

UF MA Mass Comm

アリババ、クラウド事業の拡充へ10億ドルを追加投資 [ #cbajp ]

中国Alibaba Group(アリババ)は現地時間2015年7月29日、クラウドコンピューティング事業Aliyun(阿里雲)の拡充に、さらに10億ドルを投じる計画を明らかにした。追加投資により、Aliyunの国際的プレゼンスの拡大、提携関係に基づくグローバルなクラウドエコシステムの強化と支援、新しいクラウドおよびビッグデータソリューションの開発促進を図る。



Smart or Irrelevant?

At the first World Water Tech conference in London some moons ago (about 3 I think), and fairly new to the sector myself, I asked the panellists at the time what “smart water” meant to them. 349 more words


Big Data Doesn't Matter

Now before everyone lines up with pitchforks outside my house, I’d like to mention that it’s been a while since my last post-and I’m getting old- so I may be talking a bit crazy here. 625 more words

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