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Understanding the Many V’s of Healthcare Big Data Analytics

Extracting actionable insights from big data analytics – and perhaps especially healthcare big data analytics – is one of the most complex challenges that organizations can face in the modern technological world. 39 more words

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Big Data Makes Big Waves

You could say that big data got its start when Sergy Brin and Larry Page helped develop an algorithm that found more relevant results on the web than the search engines of their rivals. 75 more words

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Tips for Getting Your Company Started with Analytics

If you’re just getting started with analytics, you can avoid a lot of headaches by learning from the experts. We’ve tapped a few who have great practical advice. 82 more words

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Charlotte Richards on Talking a Great Game

Are you the Graft’er or the Talker?

“The other thing you need, I think, are people who are good at talking to computers and people who are good at talking to people. 63 more words

Charlotte Richards

Quantzig Highlights How Big Data Analytics Is Enhancing the Quality of Services for the Fast Food Industry

Despite criticism for its nutritional value, the market for fast food continues to grow steadily. The fast working nature of the industry and increasing competition has led vendors to increasingly accept big data and food and beverage data analysis to gain an edge over the competition. 66 more words

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Big Data Management Strategies for Customer Retention

Customer retention is very important in business development throughout the year. This makes it progressively imperative that the retailers concentrate on client along with increasing the customer traffic. 304 more words


IoT and Big Data Analytics Synergy

A slide from my talk at Nagoya University from June 23, 2017…  I have 3 talks to give here in Japan, and this one is A Short Introduction to Big Data Analytics, the Internet of Things, and their Synergies: 13 more words

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