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Data Scientists vs. BI Analysts: What's the Difference?

Business intelligence and data science often go hand in hand. Both fields focus on deriving business insights from data, yet data scientists are regularly touted as the unicorns of big data analysis. 50 more words

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Election Update: A Tale of Two Models

The 10 day count down is about to begin, and we have some exciting changes happening in the models. There is finally a divergence between the two, with TDA staying fast that Clinton will pull off an electoral blowout – winning Arizona, Iowa, and Georgia along with the other swing states – while Election Net is pulling back Clinton’s odds in those three purplish states. 546 more words

What are the big boys saying?

The big companies with the big bucks know the value of data but more importantly understand that data itself is not where the value lies, its how you analyse it. 18 more words

The Goldilocks Problem

It’s a tale as old as time. Order too much, and you incur unnecessary costs. Order too little, and you miss out on lost sales. 271 more words

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Cheat Sheet: 5 Things Everyone Should Know About Machine Learning

Up until very recently, computers needed a complicated and extremely precise set of instructions in order to accomplish even the simplest of tasks.

Who among us remembers programming via punch cards? 41 more words

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Algorithm Patents Increased 30x The Past Fifteen Years #smartcreative

Recently at Gartner we have been researching issues surrounding the ownership and legal protection of a company’s information assets and analytic models. Since information can be legally protected only via copyrights (in… 9 more words

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