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Big Data Meets Data Fabric and Multi-cloud

As cloud computing progresses forward, an ages-old problem for IT is resurfacing—how to integrate and secure data stores that are disbursed geographically and across a growing diversity of applications. 101 more words

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Big Data, Big Question: Is Your Business Ready To Seize The Advantages?

The world we live in — it’s a crazy one. It doesn’t completely bewilder us how we just need to put our finger on a piece of glass and can learn what’s happening in a diametrically opposite part of the globe, in real time. 100 more words

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Sampling using apache Spark 2.1.1

There has been a debate in big data community “do we need sampling in big data world” ? Now big data platform has storage and processing power to use all dataset for analysis so sampling is not required – is the argument. 390 more words

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Digital Market Trends for 2018

Major Placement Channels

One continuing trend for digital marketing strategies is the placement of content on Social Media outlets and Video Platforms.  Marketers are continually morphing content to consumers who are spending more and more time on mobile devices.   381 more words

Unravel Data raises $15M Series B for its big data performance monitoring platform

Big data systems tend to be large, complex and often hard to troubleshoot. In the world of databases, web and mobile stacks, application performance management services like AppDynamics and New Relic help ops teams keep tabs on their system. 372 more words