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Lessor known Apache Machine Learning Languages

Machine learning is a very popular topic in recent times, and we keep hearing about languages such as R, Python and Spark. In addition to these we have commercially available machine learning languages and tools from SAS, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Amazon, etc., etc. 742 more words

The Four New Rules of Business

Every business is different. But for all their differences, leading digital companies have some things in common that separate them from the rest. Over the five plus years I’ve been researching digital business, my colleagues and I have developed a number of frameworks to highlight these distinctions. 838 more words


Machine learning in finance: Why, what & how

Machine learning in finance may work magic, even though there is no magic behind it (well, maybe just a little bit). Still, the success of machine learning project depends more on building efficient infrastructure, collecting suitable datasets, and applying the right algorithms. 2,634 more words


Analytique : pourquoi de nombreux projets échouent sur le terrain

Cela fait maintenant quelques années que les entreprises ont commencé à s’intéresser aux solutions de big data et d’analytique, et un changement évident est en train de se produire. 532 more words


Citizen data scientists

Tom Breur

22 July 2018

Gartner introduced the term “citizen data scientists” to refer to non-technical staff who can perform their duties with little or no support from IT. 360 more words

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Calvin News: Calvin Prof Using AI To Hear Whisper In Twitter's Whirlwind

Calvin News: Calvin Prof Using AI To Hear Whisper In Twitter’s Whirlwind. “When looking at Twitter, computer science professor Keith Vander Linden formerly saw noise: a continuous roar of chaotic 280-character messages. 55 more words

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Personalized Learning and Educational Genomics

Learners are different, the argument goes, so learning paths will be different, too. And, the argument continues, if learners will benefit from individualized learning pathways, so instruction should be based around an analysis of the optimal learning pathways for individuals and tailored to match them. 766 more words

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