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For the Good of Society - We all must take a pledge

It is time for the world to take a new pledge in order to enable innovation and improved stakeholder outcomes from investment to accelerate.

As a public duty you need to get your family, friends and colleagues to undertake the following: 212 more words

Analytics: Burgers, Beavers, and Restrooms

During the Thanksgiving break, my wife and I took a long drive from Texas to Florida to visit some relatives. Over the past 30 years we have made this drive over 40 times. 693 more words


The Data-Driven Weekly #1.4

With the holiday shopping season officially kicked off, sales data is on everyone’s mind. But that’s not the only data people are talking about. Talk of data brokers and consumer tracking is becoming more commonplace, as is a certain backlash against big data. 959 more words


This Data Scientist Made A Map Of Every Single US Traffic Death In The Last Decade

Statistics about traffic fatalities don’t always have the power to shock most people. Huge numbers-like 373,377, the number of people who died in traffic between 2004 and 2013, for example-are difficult for our brains to really comprehend. 103 more words

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Introducing BDPaaS – StrongholdTM: Inherently Secure Big Data Architecture

Today we are very pleased to announce a major new feature set to the CSC Big Data Platform as a Service: StrongholdTM.

Stronghold is the world’s most comprehensive security framework for big data applications and analytics. 672 more words

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Nottingham Trent University elevates big data’s role to improving student retention

The next BriefingsDirect big-data case-study interview examines how Nottingham Trent University in England has devised and implemented an information-driven way to encourage higher student retention. 2,856 more words

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Why Google Is Willing to Give Away Its Latest Machine-Learning Software

Google’s move to give away its latest machine-learning software, key to its speech- and photo-recognition programs, isn’t as crazy as it may appear.

The unit of Alphabet Inc. 35 more words

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