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Sometimes Data Science Is Not About Giving Answers Its About Asking Better Questions

Data science has become inextricably associated with the notion of uncovering indisputable truth from reams of unquestionable data. Data has become associated with “truth” and the data scientist’s job merely to coalesce myriad unrelated numbers into quantitative certainty. 77 more words

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Data Scientists Need To Get Better About Communicating Uncertainty And Risk In Their Results

Data is truth and algorithms uncover that single indisputable truth. Those two beliefs lie at the center of the data science revolution, yet they are absolutely wrong. 99 more words

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NHS Data: A £9.6 Billion Treasure Trove? (CBR)

CBR: NHS Data: A £9.6 Billion Treasure Trove?. “NHS data – held in some 55 million patient records – could be worth £5 billion each year to commercial partners, consultancy EY said in a new report published Friday, highlighting a further £4.6 billion in annual potential benefits to patients if the datasets of the single largest integrated health care provider in the world were put to use.”

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What 70% of Data Science Learners Do Wrong

I actively searched for hard and useful classes for most of my time in college. But, I got tired by my final year, and I wanted a break. 103 more words

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Big data analytics @AP2TPI

Now we are talking about something big. Terima kasih kepada Asosiasi Penyelenggara Pendidikan Tinggi Psikologi (AP2TPI) atas undangan untuk berbagi mengenai filosofi, metode, dan aplikasi big data analytics dalam ilmu sosial. 36 more words


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Big Data: – Explore the Curriculum to Master Big Data and Hadoop.

data refers to problems that are associated with processing and storing
different types of data. 68 more words


Nature: The plan to mine the world’s research papers

Nature: The plan to mine the world’s research papers. “Carl Malamud is on a crusade to liberate information locked up behind paywalls — and his campaigns have scored many victories. 69 more words

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