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良品計画が、マーケティングのビッグデータ活用基盤を日本マイクロソフトのクラウドサービスで構築 [ #cbajp ]

良品計画は、国内約400店舗展開している無印良品の店舗、オンラインストアの「無印良品 ネットストア」スマートフォン向けアプリ「MUJI passport」、公式Twitterなどによって、利用者から日々集まる膨大なデータを分析・活用するビッグデータ活用基盤として、日本マイクロソフトのクラウドサービス「Microsoft Azure」と「Microsoft Power BI」を採用し、デジタルマーケティングプラットフォームの強化に取り組んでいる。



Can Smart Irrigation Save California Lawns?

ETwater has turned water conservation into a monthly subscription service. The aptly California-based company is offering what it calls the world’s first smart irrigation system that’s available to residents and businesses as a “sustainability as a service” solution — the new SaaS in town. 680 more words


Sales Advice - HP Vertica/Big Data

Guest Speaker, Jacob Steele                                                                                                                                        3/9/2015

We were very fortunate to have Jacob Steele a 2013 graduate present to our class, last Monday. He works out of Cambridge as an account manager at Vertica a big data company recently acquired by HP. 647 more words

The Myth of Small Data, the Sense of Smart Data, and the End of All Data

Big data is all-encompassing, and that seems to be a problem. The term has been stretched in so many ways that in covering so much, it has come to mean — some say — too little. 1,134 more words

Text Analytics

Chartjunk: Second-worst graphic of the month!

A bad graphic from a pro-solar group is perhaps not surprising. (See previous post.) Here is one from Bloomberg  that verges on incomprehensible. Bloomberg as a source  139 more words

Tech Management

Amazon dumbs down machine learning for the rest of us

The Amazon Machine Learning service offers an easy way to do basic types of data analysis, but what makes it easy also makes it limited… 40 more words

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