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Why malaria should fear Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics have not only been a hot topic for the past few years but also have been transforming a wide variety of industries in interesting ways. 52 more words

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Searching data in a Cassandra table by different fields

Cassandra is a fantastic database system that provides a lot of cool and important features for systems that need to handle large amounts of data, like horizontal scalability, elasticity, high availability, distributability, flexible consistency model among others. 1,197 more words

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New Report: Revealing The Secrets Of AI Or Killing Machine Learning?

Like it or not, robots and AIs already make a lot of decisions about our lives, and that’s only likely to increase in the future. Computer algorithms have been used for decades for credit scoring and insurance assessments among many other things. 49 more words

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Three key IoT trends from CES 2017

Now that CES 2017 has come to a close, I wanted to take some time and reflect on some of the key takeaways from the event.   71 more words

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Data collection: home edition

Physicians have long bemoaned their lack of information from the 99.9 percent of time that patients spend outside of the clinic. Many of the lifestyle changes necessary to lead a healthy life can’t be measured during a yearly checkup, and patient self-reporting on diet, exercise and other daily habits is often flawed. 453 more words


Invisible Manipulators of Your Mind | by Tamsin Shaw | The New York Review of Books

We are living in an age in which the behavioral sciences have become inescapable. The findings of social psychology and behavioral economics are being employed to determine the news we read, the products we buy, the cultural and intellectual spheres we inhabit, and the human networks, online and in real life, of which we are a part.

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Looking for Big data and Hadoop certification training

https://goo.gl/uaW60y Today information is the king and the people having proper information are ruling the world. Professionals are becoming well equipped with the powerful tool known as information. 88 more words