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Financial Data Analysis using Kafka and Spark Streaming

In my earlier posts on Apache Spark Streaming, we looked at how data can be processed using Spark to compute the aggregations and also store the data in a compressed format like Parquet for future analysis. 861 more words

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Big data trends for 2018 that have to be looked at

The first thing we should do before going any further into this topic is to give a definition of big data. In short, it is the analysis of data that comes in such large quantities that it needs algorithms and formulas to be understood. 783 more words

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Choosing the best big data partners: Eight questions to ask

The process of evaluating and selecting a big data vendor requires thorough research and clearly defined priorities. This list of questions will help you make the right choice. 79 more words

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Cybersecurity Big Data Overload?

Overview: The Cyber Big Data Conundrum

Organizations are challenged with the spiraling overhead associated with storing and processing ever inflating sets of cybersecurity data. Many admit they are struggling to evidence improved security event detection and decision making. 625 more words


6 big data privacy practices every company should adopt in 2018

It’s never too early to start planning for the next year. Taking steps toward protecting your company’s data now could pay off big in the future. 84 more words

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Making connections: Big data algorithms walk a thin line

Big data algorithms are at the heart of some travel snafus of late. Increasingly, data teams are looking deeper into how they work and the data on which they feed. 65 more words

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