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planning a wedding that's not exactly traditional 

It’s said most girls dream about their perfect wedding day, but not all of ours are most girls and there’s not a single thing wrong with that. 250 more words


Sunny Winter Wedding Videos!

We were incredibly lucky filming at a wedding in February because in the midst of the ‘Beast from the East’ snowmageddon we had glorious sunshine for one day only, and especially for Jamie & Jo! 210 more words


Promoting Commitment And Love With Videographer Chris Robinson

Love is a bountiful journey that takes the heart to new places.  It is full of ups and downs, but strengthens the bonds we hold closest to us. 285 more words

The Live blog you always wanted: Colonoscopy Prep

Sometimes writers are afraid to write what they really want to write.  They hide their opinions, wild dreams and fears behind characters and fan fiction.  Why yes, Mrs. 978 more words


The Dark Clouds of Expectations

You are pretty much ‘expecting’ a lecture on getting rid of them, aren’t you?
Well, I probably need that lecture too, so if you enroll, let me know. 531 more words


The biggest day of your life

My last post was about getting engaged and what that all means…

It came about because it was nine years since I got engaged; next month is my eighth wedding anniversary – so now my thoughts turn to where we were at all those years ago. 649 more words


One day, the newspaper was discovered... #MondayMusings

It was a day when lightning struck outside our apartment building with fire blazing all around and I called out to Dhruv to come outside in the balcony to watch what was happening. 563 more words

Monday Musings