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The Big Day, (part 8)

Marshall’s slipped down into the underworld. He was the rat now. Marshall knew that he was still standing in the church and that that was real but he knew with a different type of knowing that the underworld was real too. 496 more words

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The Big Day, (part 7)

All the boys were wearing horrible itchy shirts and heavy shoes that you would never wear if you were out playing. Marshall squished his fingers down the shirt collar, trying to loosen it but he couldn’t. 436 more words

The Flats

The Car Crash

I had just picked Gabe up from his preschool downtown and was headed to pick Jude up next.  Gabe’s preschool is on a beautiful, shady, brick paved street and we had only made it two blocks northbound when we had to cross Tennessee Street, a very busy eight lane street.   441 more words

Big Day

New Day, Same Habits

Dear Mom,

Today, you squeezed my hand in the middle of me reading you Psalm 118. As expected, I busted into tears, because at that moment, I felt the power of God going from me, into you. 486 more words

Dear Mom

The Big Day, (part 3)

‘Now, Marshall, sit down here son and we’ll talk about today.’
Daddy sat on the little table with his legs apart. He one hand he had a fag, and in the other a can of dirty drink. 485 more words

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The Big Day, (part 2)

Marshall’s flat was number 8, block A, Pearse House, Dublin 2. Pearse House was the best place to live, way better than St. Mary’s across the road because they think they’re better than everyone else. 335 more words

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The Big Day, (part 1)

Marshall stared at the crack in the ceiling. In the morning he wasn’t frightened, he knew, somehow that there was nothing in the crack, but at night it was different. 569 more words

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