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"TREASURE"- developingyoureye

Today we trimmed my son`s quite long hair! I did not want to do it but he was not feeling comfortable with its length? plus they were too long for the school. 46 more words


A scary book for a daring boy??!!


Since last year my son who is not even 3 years old is in love with Halloween topics! When he watches cartoons or listening to the nursery rhymes/kids songs everything is about some strange spooky creatures. 78 more words

Big Deals!

Whose banana is bigger or can it be fun to work at the office..?


We have got used to perceive an  office as a very serious, extremely busy environment where there is no room for any other attitude. Where you work with no break, giving all yourself to your job especially when it comes to your customers you need to face or  deadlines you need to respect no matters what. 216 more words


Insides, outsides and other features!


“What`s in a name? That which we call a rose?By any other name would smell as sweet” – “Romeo and Juliette” by William Shakespeare…

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Big Deals!

I disagree that rain is bad......


It is raining!  Welcome the freshness, coolness and my new slippers from Nike♥ which are perfect for this weather!

The view from my living room window at this moment: 18 more words

Big Deals!

We made a wish and you came true and that is just a beginning!

“As soon as i saw you I knew a life adventure was going to happen”. – Winnie the Pooh

My boy is growing up so quickly.

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Sweet Memories

Big Data Means Big Deals

For a long time, big data has meant big business. In the first quarter of 2016, big data alone accounted for an estimated 70 per cent of M&A activity, according to a survey conducted by EY. 530 more words