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perhaps a dying flame

i find it odd that waking the cadaver — of all the bands in the vast, monotonous expanse that is known as, “the modern death metal scene,” – have been so portrayed as the token pariah//punching bag//outcast. 1,218 more words


Trip to Mars

What a trip! I would just like to say… I’m tired of people thinking that I’m rude or a bitch just because I’m honest. You’ve become so accustomed to thieves and liars and bullshit that you don’t have a clue when you just hear honesty. 742 more words


The night of the riot

A lot of the events of Monday the 8th August and Tuesday the 9th August 2011 have become blurred in my memory because it was a confusing night and because 5 years have past since that one intense, frantic night. 5,256 more words


Touch, touch, tap!

Throughout my years growing up in the village, relocating to Lagos, and hustling my way through life as a somewhat lower-class citizen, I had faced a host of fortunate and unfortunate experiences, but none of them compared, even in the slightest, to this. 2,549 more words

What a Day

One large desk partitioned into four work spaces.

CHICHI, late 30’s, at her work space, fingers thumping letters and numbers on the keyboard. 1,927 more words

My Oga Madam (erotic story) #18+

My Oga wife wahala too much, no be that kin wahala like house work wahala. The wahala wey I dey talk about na her kacks, everything wey she wear she must make sure say her backyard nearly tear the cloth, her hips and yansh na wahala for we yard. 1,640 more words


Cristiano (Erotic Story) #18+ only

“Just sex”, He asked again to be sure he heard her correctly, he got a frown in reply.

Mide looked at him again and again and wondered if she wasn’t making a huge mistake. 5,751 more words