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Star Gazing at Pond Mountain Inn

Intrigued by the clarity of the night sky and the absence of any artificial light we joined the Dorset Astronomy Club. Our first question, like many others, is “what can I see through a $200 telescope?” The short answer – a lot! 354 more words

Pond Mountain Inn

Ursa Major

Who was the one to petrify your hunched-back frame, ambling in polar defeat and so effortlessly recognized?

He came cloaked and lusting for sworn purity when my vigilance lapsed. 185 more words


Zion... In the Moonlight

During the day, Zion Canyon is absolutely gorgeous!  However that changes during a full moon.  The moonlight makes the canyon glow and the walls take on an ethereal feel. 68 more words


Night Mooves

The cow points to the North Star, from my backyard in northwestern Connecticut.

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Fine Art Photography

Goodnight Jolly Roger

-originally published on Rum Bunter, 2/17/15.

The commute from downtown Pittsburgh to the Greenfield neighborhood can be nasty, despite being merely four miles. I snap at jaywalkers and newborn potholes, but my nerves ease as home nears. 974 more words


evidence/ gut

evidence/ gut

conjugate into the first person

Alaungpaya, the founder of the last dynasty of Burma, would have made a great essayist.
Only two major cities stood in the way of a united Burma: Syriam and Bago (where I once spent two hours at a bus stop with two Germans and a hundred flies, hanging in the air like fat black bullets). 529 more words


Chapter 9: Assembling A Family

World’s End
Book One of The Seed Mother

Chapter Nine: Assembling A Family

Glen settled into the rhythm of farm life like he’d been born to it. 3,203 more words

Marideth Sisco