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Listen Paul McCartney - Big Dipper video

Stumbled across this tune on the iPod the other week and it’s been lodged on the internal jukebox ever since:

Big Dipper of course hail(ed) from Boston and enjoyed their heyday in the late80s/early 90s. 43 more words


Did Adam See the Big Dipper?

(5 Minute Read)

The Big Dipper is probably the most recognizable “constellation” in the night sky, at least to those in the northern hemisphere. Technically, it is not a constellation. 1,953 more words


The Big Dipper

We were waiting for the Milky Way to appear, when I looked up and saw the Big Dipper.

Night Photography

Foto Friday: Stars

One of the nice things about living out in the campo here in PerĂº, would have to be the absence of light pollution. Sure there are some lights here and there, but the light pollution is no where near as strong as from my home in the U.S., which by many standards would be considered quite rural as well. 401 more words

Peace Corps

The Quillwork Girl and her Seven Star Brothers

The Quillwork Girl and her Seven Star Brothers


There was once a young woman who was very good at quillwork. She could make the most beautiful designs and colors. 822 more words

Native American Tales