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The Quillwork Girl and her Seven Star Brothers

The Quillwork Girl and her Seven Star Brothers


There was once a young woman who was very good at quillwork. She could make the most beautiful designs and colors. 822 more words

Native American Tales

There's the Big Dipper!

Hey, sky fans!

Many years ago, late one night, I was looking out the window of the bedroom I grew up in, the one with the map I mentioned last week. 881 more words

Human Design

The Big Dipper led the way to freedom.

People in slavery called it the drinking gourd as they followed it north. In other countries it’s been known as Charles’ Wagon, King David’s Chariot, a Plough, and the Leg of the Bull. 142 more words

Youth RE

Coyote Places the Stars

Coyote Places the Stars


There were five wolves and Coyote would often follow them around and observe what they were doing. They would always look up at the sky and stare, but they would never tell Coyote what they were looking at. 297 more words

Native American Tales

J. R. Moon "Big Dipper" Pencils

This is not meant to be a proper review, but rather two (hopefully amusing) anecdotes related to this fun-looking pencil. (I know nothing about the J. 389 more words

East And West (and South)

Big Dipper and Mayon Volcano

I have always wondered how big Mayon volcano would be when framed against the night sky, as viewed from an easily accessible location such as Legazpi City. 99 more words


Binghamton Icons: Chicken BBQ

Barbecue has become a lot more popular over the last few years. There are plenty of regional styles, most of which are pork based with a sweet sauce added, and the meat is cooked slow with indirect heat coming from an all wood fire. 2,617 more words

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