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Wide open Space(s)

Clear night, mountain summit, Alix up past 9:30pm – the perfect combination for some stargazing.

The Perseids Meteor Shower in August was one for the books. 185 more words

Alix Miller

Late Night Drive Time Thoughts Up North

I have been doing some late night drives in Northern Minnesota. During these late night drives, many thoughts flood my brain.

I see so many animals during my drives. 320 more words

Dancing in Autumn's Equinox

Way up high in the
Northwest sky
Sparkles a pot
In Perfect Disposition

She dances to soothing
Cricket songs
While swirling and twirling
To fill a Mason Jar with… 62 more words

Creative Writing

Big Dipper — Clock in the Sky

(3 Minute Read)

The Big Dipper is the most recognizable star pattern in the northern hemisphere. It is an asterism (group of stars) which is part of the constellation… 1,181 more words



Maybe this is what causes hangovers. Not just the booze, but the knowledge that a more honest, truthful self would rather climb trees, throw over garbage bins, and lay in soccer fields at night, contemptuous of the millions of unknowable elsewheres always above, always unchanging, while our faces develop lines, crease against the sun, nothing but aging bread, and during it all the Big Dipper has always four dots in its basket and three in its handle, from day one to day nil.

The Nighttime

I love being a woman in the nighttime.

The Bible says a good woman’s light never goes out all night long.

Of course, back then, that meant she refilled her personal oil lamp so it would last, while she slept for a while, often checking to see if it was still going. 339 more words


Celestial Clock

What a sky! The winter asterisms return to the predawn skies, marking our arcing around Old Sol toward the cooling, colorful days of fall.

We see this clocking in early evening. 150 more words