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USPS Star Calendar for 5-11 April

5 Apr    Only one day past full, the moon rises 1½ hours after sunset.

7 Apr    Just before midnight, the moon rises less than a half-hour before… 147 more words


Watching the Big Dipper

If you’ve been playing with your computer planetarium and looking at the stars at night, you should be starting to know some constellations and stars. Since it’s the weekend and you may be able to stay up a little later, this will be a good time to take a closer look at Ursa Major, the Great Sky Bear. 247 more words

USPS Star Calendar for 8-14 March

8 Mar    The bright star 2 finger-widths to the moon’s right is Spica, normally found by beginning with the Big Dipper, arcing to Arcturus and speeding on to Spica. 118 more words


Circum Polar Constellations

Are we going to get two clear nights in a row, let’s hope so.  Before 8:00 pm Venus and Mars should be visible in the West, if you don’t have trees in the way.   387 more words

i just called to say

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so are colours, and maybe so is light? And if thats the case, what is the Big Dipper if not just people’s interpretation of what starlight we see? 85 more words


Orion strides
across the night
sky, arrogant as a

Big Dipper,
Great Bear; many
named group pointing due

shaped modest… 22 more words

Guest Elfje