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Circum Polar Constellations

Let’s hope we get a clear night.  Before 7:30 pm Mars should be visible in the West, if you don’t have trees in the way.  If you can’t see it, try to find a place to look at the sky that has a clear view of the horizon. 368 more words


Celestial Clocks: The Big Dipper and the Moon

One of my favorite things about general astronomical geekiness is that in addition to talking about black holes and dark matter and so on, there are some totally practical ways to use our knowledge of the objects visible in our sky. 1,409 more words


The Ghostly Glow of Gegenschein

It takes a dark spring night to see it well, but now lurking near Jupiter is a ghostly sky glow called Gegenschein. 

This diffuse glow lies directly opposite the Sun. 355 more words


Follow the Drinking Gourd

If the Devil calls,
sing powerful thoughts: a love
that composes hope.

Inscribe celestial paths,
showing the way to freedom.

For Black History Month, the Borough President’s office is hosting an… 196 more words


Sunrise at Death Valley

November 8, 2016

If you wake up sometime a little before dawn, you can hear the coyotes howl. I unzip our window just a little bit a go back to sleep. 345 more words

Been There Done That

Adult Nature Deficit Disorder

Facing how little of my life has been spent directly connecting with the Great-Out-of-Doors, leaves me grieving.

I know so few star names. . .  ( I do know this is the Moon & Venus a week or two ago.) 516 more words


The Autism Constellation

by David Morstad

Today, countless children and adults will be described as being “on the spectrum”, i.e., the autism spectrum. It is a popular notion, a handy phrase, and people claim some knowledge of what it implies – even though that may not always be the case. 777 more words