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Wednesday Words on the Wild: Draco

The first star made me feel less afraid. It came out low in the sky and it was in front of me, toward the east. Other stars began to appear all around, but it was this one I kept my gaze upon.

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“Big Dipper Over Fort Stewart”

“The Big Dipper wheels on its bowl. In years hence it will have stopped looking like a saucepan and will resemble a sugar scoop as the earth continues to wobble and the dipper’s seven stars speed in different directions.”  285 more words


Bank Holiday Fun!

Hello my lovelies! The August Bank Holiday has passed, we’re gearing up for shorter days and cooler evenings. I’ve still got a fair few weeks until I’m back at Warwick Uni for my final year, but that’s not stopping the graft. 951 more words


Star Gazing at Pond Mountain Inn

Intrigued by the clarity of the night sky and the absence of any artificial light we joined the Dorset Astronomy Club. Our first question, like many others, is “what can I see through a $200 telescope?” The short answer – a lot! 354 more words

Pond Mountain Inn

Ursa Major

Who was the one to petrify your hunched-back frame, ambling in polar defeat and so effortlessly recognized?

He came cloaked and lusting for sworn purity when my vigilance lapsed. 185 more words


Zion... In the Moonlight

During the day, Zion Canyon is absolutely gorgeous!  However that changes during a full moon.  The moonlight makes the canyon glow and the walls take on an ethereal feel. 68 more words


TCM & Cosmology, Connections and Relationships

Hello All!

I apologize that it has taken me so long to get back blogging! I’m already half way through my second quarter of my MSOM program, and I can’t believe how fast time is flying! 958 more words