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What is the missing link to bridge entertainment from a hobby, to a making a living? I think I finally found it.

Opening thought: Maybe it’s time for someone to redefine art. Bridge the gap between art, product, and progress, as a society.

Art redefined? Now there’s an interesting thought.  799 more words


Big Dreams!

Hello! My name is Nancy Ramona. You may call me Ramona! I am an actress. A model. An Artist. A Graphic Designer. Aspiring Traveling Vlogger/Blogger based in Texas! 173 more words

Big Dreams

Small Town, Big Dreams

Growing up in an environment completely different from that of New York City, Orlando, or San Francisco, I can’t help but crave adventure.

I Adore Where I Live… 891 more words

7 Ways to Stay Motivated and Hold onto Your Dream (Part 1)

Have you ever had a dream, goal or objective that you could not fulfil or accomplish?  Maybe you tried to lose weight, train for a marathon, begin an online business, write a novel, or do something else that was challenging. 1,677 more words

Empowered Solutions

Dealing With The Pressure for Early Success

The information age has brought almost unfettered access to global activities. We are only as ignorant as we choose to be. With the explosion of social media and ‘reality’ shows, it is now possible to follow other people’s lives in ways that past generations couldn’t imagine. 1,134 more words