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Small Town Spawns Big Dreams

Living in a small town is one of the greatest experiences to have ever known.  For me, that is likely due to living  so close to bodies of water including lakes, river, ponds, and, creeks that gave me access to fish and enjoy the great outdoors.  384 more words


Letters from Africa: Lucid Dreaming (#4)

These are real letters written to friends and family during my 50 days in Africa. I hope they provide interesting insight into my journey.

Dear ________,                                                                                                                           4/15/16… 372 more words

Where We Have Been, Is Nothing Compared To Where We Are Going

Goal: Dream Big

Everyone has goals that they want to achieve. They’re all different, and uniquely suited to each one of us. Maybe you want to land a promotion in the next 6 months for that new job that’s coming up, or say hello to the cute someone you’ve been crushing on. 565 more words


B Mae bites: On childhood dreams

As a kid I believed I had something to say.

Something important.

And that I would share it with the whole wide world.

'Big Dreams' a poem by April Halprin Wayland

Time to add a bit of whimsy to the end of the week with ‘Big Dreams’.

We discover our first dreams in the magic of children’s literature: the poetry of great writers, and the illustrations of great artists. 265 more words

Work Thoughts

Lesson 43:

Sometimes you have such big dreams and goals that you feel like you didn’t accomplish anything when they don’t unfold right away, but it’s important to recognize the small growths that have raised you that much closer to your goals and dreams.



It seems that I’ve been listening to the same four songs repeatedly for the past few weeks. Each song is for a different feeling.

‘I’m So Sorry’, by Imagine Dragons when I’m angry. 188 more words