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This isn’t really a blog post because I just want to clarify what my blog’s about.

As you may or may not know I’m a crazy movie and TV show fan. 289 more words

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Easter was quite a bit ago….sorry.

It was a weekend with great triumphs and great disappointments.

First the disappointment: AJ felt very left out of family events because she wasn’t with her family. 150 more words


Using self-organization to build virtual ecosystems

Scientific models often produce very abstract prediction of how natural ecosystems will respond to management scenario’s. Here, we present a new technique that uses computer graphics techniques to build virtual representations of predicted developments of ecosystems that are accessible to everybody. 31 more words

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Urban challenges: the current crisis, big events and trajectories of local development

April, 16th – 22nd – Università di Milano Bicocca – Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli

Today cities face significant challenges. As places where an increasingly large majority of the population live, cities are troubled by increasing social heterogeneity and growing social and spatial inequalities; the economic crisis that hit particularly the industrialized countries starting in 2008 has proven to be long-lasting and to have produced dramatic social problems, particularly in cities. 143 more words

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DOfE continued 

Hey internet people,

Although I didn’t fail to mention how hard the DofE trip was, I did forget to tell you how amazing the camp was. 125 more words

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My Duke Of Edinburgh (DOfE) Trip of Doom 

Hey again,

That was a short three hours! Last week I did my DOfE exhibition and I’m pretty proud I completed it. For anyone who doesn’t know what DOfE is, it’s an youth award programme and it was established by the one and only Duke of Edinburgh (big surprise there). 386 more words

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Hanging Mobile Workshop!

Join us, Saturday: March 28 for a drop-in workshop for kids.
Instructors: Scrap Box Staff
Saturday, March 28th, 11:00am to 2:00pm
Cost is $5 all materials provided. 9 more words

Recycled Art Supplies