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20 Interesting Facts About This Weird Being (Part 2 of 4)

I consider myself a very unusual human being, annoying and difficult to figure out a times but sweet most times. These are TWENTY “interesting” facts about me (numbers 6 to 10). 490 more words

Random Inspiration

So, about that puppy... (or): a cute puppy and an ugly foot...

It occurred to me that I never finished telling the story about the puppy that we got… sort of. No, I don’t mean I sort of forgot to tell the story, I mean we sort of got a puppy. 217 more words


Plus-Size Podiatry

O, footwear on that narrow shelf
Daintily curved ’round your arch:
How appealing, how smart you poise
Atop, as if lining to march.

O, footwear, you awaken some… 43 more words


Mr Beetle's Walk

It was a fine Friday. The noon-day sun was bright. Trees gossipped loudly about their new summer leaves.

A certain beetle (who inherited the dignified family name of ‘Mr. 725 more words

Canada Days

Saturday Song: Your Feet’s Too Big by Fats Waller

One of my earliest childhood memories is of listening to Fats Waller with Dad. One of my favorite tunes by this artist was “Your Feet’s Too Big.” I wrote a poem about Dad and me listening to this song together, which I’ll include below the video. 203 more words

Abbie Johnson Taylor

Flag/Lake Day

Yes, we did fly our flag today. Didn’t you?

Today was my last free day for the month of June. Every weekday from now till the end of the month I will be teaching, and the weekends are also booked. 436 more words