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7 Days of Freebies

By Amber Britton

Tomorrow is 7/11 and you know what that means. FREE SLURPEES! I love slurpees but I can’t always justify buying them. What better way to indulge than by getting one for free. 269 more words

Stony Brook

Big Gulp Lunch Boxes

By Trista Dominiqu

When I lived with my
father and brother I
used to wake up at five
and make my fathers

Tucking it away in his… 60 more words


America: The Land of the Big

Since I have been coming to Burger King to make use of their free Wi-Fi it has become apparent that America is the land of the big. 439 more words


Reality Bites

Because my day job involves working at a major university, I am naturally attuned to seasonal student population shifts. Today marks the first week of final exams, which in turn means that I can actually find parking on campus again. 614 more words


Alpha + Omega = OM


2. Alpha + Omega = OM

Some people who attain a high degree of enlightenment tell us that the ultimate reality is nothing ~ a kind of blissful non-being, Nirvana. 471 more words


Monday’s Potpourri

Welcome to Monday – It’s time for Monday’s Potpourri! When there are several stories out there that I want to comment about, I combine them into a “potpourri” column. 688 more words


Chapter Sixty-eight

Southeastern Michigan Biological Waste Facility, Garden City, Michigan, 15 September 2015

The boys gathered round Harold’s sturdy Jeep Buffalo, which had just backed itself out of the garage. 1,428 more words