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Chapter Sixty-eight

Southeastern Michigan Biological Waste Facility, Garden City, Michigan, 15 September 2015

The boys gathered round Harold’s sturdy Jeep Buffalo, which had just backed itself out of the garage. 1,428 more words


moses and the big gulp cup

There’s this Big Gulp plastic cup lying on its side on the ground by a new fence in the green.

I look at it every day when I am on my balcony smoking a cig.

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Saw a man in a kilt in the suburbs. The suburbs!

Today I was in a park and I wondered if it had wi-fi. I was so ashamed. 350 more words

How to Lose Weight

Everyone is writing a book on weight loss these days, so I decided I should too. I have no particular expertise in this area, but since currently about 3/4 of Americans are overweight I think it’s fair to say all those other people don’t know that much either. 1,348 more words