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Bloomberg eyes White House run. Big Gulp 2016: Ready to swill

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks Americans may finally be ready for President Big-Gulp. The billionaire who tried to ban businesses in NYC from selling sodas, energy drinks, and sweet tea in cups larger than 16-ounces is seriously exploring a 2016 presidential run. 418 more words


7-11 Wants To Put Me On Welfare

Big Gulps are now a dollar and twenty-nine cents at 7-11, which is about a 30 percent increase in it’s original price. Who’s the CEO of 7-11? 658 more words


Evil Genius Award #1: A Salute to the Working Man

It’s been 90 degrees plus here in Chicago this Labor Day weekend. A lovely, hot and humid end to the summer — but somewhat uncomfortable. As I drove around town, running… 563 more words

Cheap Food: Medication of The Poor?

“Aren’t we all emotional eaters?”

That was the question I recently asked Dr. Amanda Itzkof, MD*.

She’s a New York City based psychiatrist who describes emotional eating as… 801 more words

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The History of the Big Gulp

In the 1970s the average can of soda weighed about six ounces. Nowadays you can buy one weighing 32 ounces or more from 7-11s and other convenience stores. 717 more words


Deep throat revisited

It is actually called a Big Gulp, but got your attention!

I got this hood back in 2008, with the idea of using it on the lathe.  718 more words

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