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Tim Allen Compares the Clintons to Herpes: ‘Just When You Think They’re Gone, They Show Up Again’

by Daniel Nussbaum, 28 Jan 2016

URL of the original posting site: http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2016/01/28/tim-allen-donald-trump-might-be-able-to-do-the-stuff-that-needs-fixing

Actor-comedian Tim Allen blasted Hillary Clinton in a recent interview, comparing her and her husband Bill to a venereal disease while praising Donald Trump as a candidate who “might be able to do the stuff that really needs fixing.”

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Catastrophe: Disney Could Lose $140 Million over George Clooney's 'Tomorrowland'

The film also failed to catch on in China, the world’s second largest market, and debuted to just $13.8 million

Disney could lose up to $140 million on the… 283 more words


Lame Adventure 454: The Black Hole of Film-going

My friend Milton saw 168 films in 2014. I barely saw 35. My film-going energy is not what it was when I would see two or three films every week. 842 more words


American Muslim group attacks "American Sniper," demands Eastwood and Cooper denounce fictional "islamophobia"

Breitbart, by Pamela Geller, Jan. 6, 2015

One of the foundational principles of the Bush Doctrine was and is the oft-repeated dictum, “You are either with us or against us.” Little did President Bush know that the American Muslim community was…against us. 746 more words

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Oprah: American's Disrespect Obama Because He's Black

Celebrities tag-teamed against President George W. Bush during his eight years in the White House, leveling as much verbal abuse as possible against the Commander in Chief. 161 more words


Alt. Country and Slim Cessna Auto Club

Big Hollywood has an interesting article on Alt. Country and features Slim Cessna Auto Club. I should have known that Slim had some musical collaborations with David Eugene Edwards (16 Horsepower, … 160 more words



Posted by The Blaze – Author Stephen King believes in God — and he also thinks that the universe is built in such an organized manner that the notion of “ 439 more words