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SJWs Have a Horrible Memory

In addition to projection, lying and doubling down, add long term memory loss to the list of growing annoyances surrounding SJWs.

Yeah… gonna have to call bullshit on their whining, bitching, and moaning about no strong female leads. 95 more words

Captain Un-America

None of us expect much from Hollywood anymore. They’ve proven that they’re about as un-American as you can possibly get as they insult half the country and do everything in their power to proclaim a legitimate president to be illegitimate simply because they still can’t figure out how the electoral college works and has always worked. 917 more words


'Snatched' proclaimed racist

It’s a beautiful thing when lefties eats their own.

Amy Schumer is set to return to the big screen this weekend for the first time since 2015’s 

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Bill Maher goes full retard

When fake news loses their mind…

During an interview with author, “Stone Cold Truth” host, and Trump adviser Roger Stone Jr. on Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” host and comedian Bill Maher argued that it appears that President Donald Trump “and his crime family” were “installed” by the Russians “to loot and destroy” the United States of America.

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Props to Tim Allen

Tim Allen, a rare red pilled actor.

Tim Allen says that living in Hollywood right now is akin to Nazi Germany.

The comedian made the claim while appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

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