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Why Norwex?

I set some pretty huge goals for myself for 2018.

The Norwex opportunity presented itself to me at a perfect time. I was wondering how I could find a little side gig to help benefit my family. 605 more words

Why I Write Fantasy: Infinite Possibilities

Now I’ve touched on this before in some circumstances, but I feel that it is worth restating one of the greatest draws for me in writing fantasy: the range of possibilities it grants you. 526 more words


Taking Stock of a Toilet

I was reminded of this when reading Michael Rosens book Good Idea’s. He has a whole beautiful subchapter called The Loo. Checking out the inside of a loo was something I loved to do as small child. 205 more words


Why I Write Fantasy: Because it is the Mother Genre

Fantasy is a universal touchstone. Every culture has its myths, its origin stories, its tales of creation and destruction through which stride gods, monsters, and heroes. 712 more words


In Which the Bubble is Left

Ferguson Escape, Acawar

I’ve been sticking to “the bubble”, as known space is sometimes called, usually because my navcomp or my hardware was in some way lacking.  388 more words

The Big Black

The Writing Life: Aiming High Part 4 – What if Nobody Notices?

In earlier episodes of this series I described what aiming high means for me, why missing isn’t failure, and why I think as any kind of artist it is beneficial to… 626 more words