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Viva Crash Vegas at Mandalay Bay Mizuya Lounge April 7th

The Mutineers, The Scoundrels, Big Jugs

Saturday, April 7, 2012.

10:00pm until 2:30am.

Original music by The Mutineers, The Scoundrels, Big Jugs

It’s also Bianca Hernandez B-Day at midnight!!! 503 more words


Sexual Innuendo in Church

Innuendo in church is the best kind of innuendo.

You’re not allowed to guffaw the way you would under other circumstances—say, if you were watching a movie with your wife or having coffee with an old friend—and the unseemliness or impropriety of disturbing a church’s solemnity or quiet reverence acts as a kind of thick-walled container. 522 more words

Comic Relief

The yoga of chopping carrots

Could I be a yoga teacher?

I’ve been thinking about the possibility pretty often, lately: in class, out of class, in the shower, chopping vegetables. Actually, I’ve been thinking about it since the first moment I returned to my practice in January. 342 more words

Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness

Curious to unravel the vexing conundrum that is Banjo Fett, I have recently started reading his Bible, none other than ‘If Chins Could Kill’, the autobiography of Bruce Campbell. 270 more words