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There has been so much going on internally (with my emotions/heart/soul, not my organs) that it is hard to know where to start. It seems like one leaping off the side of the cliff has lead to many and I am truly free-falling without a parachute, without anything…but the understanding that this is exactly where I am suppose to be…it is a true, deep, real knowing…not just a guessing…not just because others think I am in the right place…because there is no struggle; there is a fire(an actual warmth in my navel) that occurs almost daily, showing me I am precisely where I need to be… 378 more words

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Katie and Her Big Love

My life seemed to be humming along, although somewhat frenetically, then, all of a sudden, it wasn’t.  I came to Colorado to help Katie with her 3 boys, my terrific grandsons, while her husband, Eric, was deployed. 430 more words

Big Love


I’ve been out of commission here for a bit for several reasons and just as soon as the words surface I’ll let ya’ll know as well! 69 more words

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Big loves and formative experiences

I took a class this semester about the history of the novel and how the practice of novel reading has changed over time. During the course, we studied a novel called ‘The Small House at Allington’ by Anthony Trollope. 911 more words


Crew makes the world go ‘round and keeps us from flying off

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While the stage of a theater can transform into any place in the world and call actors front-and-center, backstage beckons to those wanting to build and create this new setting. 917 more words

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All the world’s a stage on which we play our parts

Sabrina Marshall


The faint scent of sawdust, the inevitable heat of the lights and the sound of the stage manager shouting “places” over the intercom send a whirl of theatrics into motion. 950 more words

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Cherishing Our Children

Today marks the end of the 8th month of this miraculous journey Hubby and I are on together called parenthood.

Baby is crawling now. She has two teeth and gets taller by the day. 591 more words