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No Matter What

No matter where you are tonight. No matter what you’re going through.

No matter how busy or bored, confused or tired, pissed off or content. 294 more words

Real Life

When It Comes To You, My Love Is Overflowing

When it comes to you, I love with everything I have. There is no other option. It is either you or I want no one else. 373 more words

Wait For The One Who Deserves You

I used to think of myself as a serial dater. I didn’t like being alone. The greater portion of advice I had received as a young adult revolved around being happy with myself in order to be happy with another person. 555 more words

What I Mean When I Say "Big Love"

I was frying potatoes.
Contemplating the meaning of life.
For real, I am not making this up.
Feeling small. Ponderous.
What is my message?
What is my purpose? 310 more words


The Different Dimensions in where we live!

SðL is the Natural state of unconditional Love in the SPIRIT form. The Natural way of LOVE in the physical is Phật. The form is the… 48 more words

Big Love

If you said, at 25, I’d have my eyes opened to “lovin’ big” again, I would’ve laughed you to next Tuesday. I wouldn’t have thought that I could have my eyes opened to the love I always imagined as a kid. 218 more words


I Will Forever Care, And I'm Not Sorry

I have loved so many things in this world. I love flowers: the smell, the colors, the way that putting them in my hair or behind my ears makes me feel ten times more beautiful. 758 more words