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I will be grateful when I can use Jesus and gays in the same sentence without being told I am damned to hell.

When are people going to quit using the creator of the whole fucking Universe as their excuse for being judgmental, hateful and just downright mean… 99 more words

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When was your first big love?

In the meantime I experienced years of pain (continuing on from yesterday’s post). The dissolution of my own marriage was emotionally devastating, especially because my two wonderful daughters, now grown into loving and accomplished women, were just little girls. 227 more words

No 'yea butt' here...

Let me qualify my thoughts today by saying I do not have a clue the suffering that goes on behind someone killing a family member. I cannot, nor will I attempt to even speak to that. 115 more words

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The Differences...

This morning I woke up with a real clarity, for lack of better words, about some of the differences in me than other people..and it brought a serious sense of peace and a covering of contentment. 609 more words

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Ten Things: Why Dating & Job Hunting Are Exactly The Same

Like most 30-something-year-olds, I have spent a good amount of time sitting around a dinner table, standing up at a bar, lounging in a friend’s backyard talking about the trials and tribulations of being a functioning member of today’s workforce. 1,042 more words

Kissing Frogs

I got up this morning, had my usual breakfast smoothie and then headed to the shower. As I was finishing up, there in the corner of my bath was *scream* a frog! 500 more words

Life Out Loud

How Do I Know...

Do I know I am loved by the Creator of the Universe when no words are exchanged?

No scripture references that have red words in the sentences? 246 more words

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