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The Different Dimensions in where we live!

SðL is the Natural state of unconditional Love in the SPIRIT form. The Natural way of LOVE in the physical is Phật. The form is the… 48 more words

Big Love

If you said, at 25, I’d have my eyes opened to “lovin’ big” again, I would’ve laughed you to next Tuesday. I wouldn’t have thought that I could have my eyes opened to the love I always imagined as a kid. 218 more words


I Will Forever Care, And I'm Not Sorry

I have loved so many things in this world. I love flowers: the smell, the colors, the way that putting them in my hair or behind my ears makes me feel ten times more beautiful. 758 more words


I just went to the store to pick up my scripts and was waiting outside for them to finish…I seem to take knitting (or buy things I can knit) wherever I go and I was on the bench outside the store waiting for my scripts to be filled…humming….enjoying the sunshine and light, sea breeze…THEN… 690 more words

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If You Let Me In, I Will Love You So Deeply

I’m not perfect, but if you let me in, I promise to take things slow.

I won’t rush our beginning. I will take my time getting to know you piece by piece, layer by layer. 566 more words

Good Morning God..

It’s me, Lisa. I am just gonna purge my soul if that’s alright with you..

As you know, Sunday August 23, 2015 I ran smack dab into myself and couldn’t run anymore…I had a deep soul awakening that I was gay and probably even born that way..now since then, the very few people I have told all listen intently to me than take a breathe and say ‘duh’ or something to the equivalent…and that may be there truth but my truth is still unfolding… 876 more words

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