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Bill Paxton: An Appreciation

Bill Paxton’s characters always seemed like they were up to some mischief, or, failing that, up for some. The hint or indicator springs from the face, and his was a deceptively expressive one, with its deep, handsome lines, wide, slightly gap-toothed smile, and flinty grey-blue eyes that fairly danced with life, ill-contented to ever sit idly by while others made their mark or had their fun, desperate to be wherever, and with whomever, the action was. 1,813 more words


I'm Not Afraid To Love Again

Sure, loving you was easy; it was effortless and seamless. It was everything I thought love should be and it was everything I wanted. You said all the right things and made me feel the love I still dream about. 559 more words

Dream Journal #1-2

Binge-watched Big Love over the weekend resulting in a dream where I was making out with Nicki in our car when a pack of werewolves attacked the car. 185 more words

Bill Paxton Died Of Stroke Following Surgery - Update

UPDATE, 12 PM: Bill Paxton’s death certificate says the actor died February 25 from a stroke, 11 days after surgery to replace a heart valve and repair damage to his aorta, The Associated Press reports. 609 more words

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Remembering Bill Paxton

By: Glynis Neely

One of the most prolific and popular actors of our time, Bill Paxton passed away on February 26th, Sunday morning from surgery complications. 714 more words


Bill Paxton's 'Big Love' Co-Star Jeanne Tripplehorn Writes A Touching Tribute To Her 'Friend For Life'

Bill Paxton, who tragically passed away at 61 from complications from surgery, is best remembered for his roles in Aliens, Twister, and Titanic… 240 more words


'Big Love' Creators Mark V. Olsen & Will Scheffer Remember Their Star Bill Paxton

Over a decade ago, HBO was looking to launch a second successful drama series to join its runaway hit The Sopranos.

After a few tries, the network bet on novice creators, Mark V. 784 more words

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