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Uniquely Beautiful...

It would be really interesting if they did this with grown children and their moms…I just am weeping at the hope that I would know mine…I LOVE how these children ALL grab their faces and snuggle…my mom isn’t a snuggler….how would i tell my mom from every other woman on the planet…is it something one just KNOWS…interesting…this is sooo beautifully moving I HAD TO SHARE…

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I am perplexed
by the sadness
I taste on my lips.

It trickles down my throat
to the place where
sadness dwells.

Everything has a home
even sadness…

Random Thoughts


I am not one to cower off in the face of adversity however the way I haven’t coward in the past was loud, mean and more of a ‘push you away at all costs’ kind of participation…I want to stand firm in the face of adversity today; with FULL knowledge of who I am and not have to be silent or cower or be loud and belligerent with anyone.. 558 more words

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i am bawling like a baby; deep, from my depths; and that is not ever a ‘bad thing.’

healing water from my eyes springs forth watching Super Soul Sunday this day and listening to Sister Joan Chittister. 139 more words

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Letting Go....

I just deactivated my twitter account AND disconnected myself from Pinterest…

I let go of facebook years ago….it is just like when I quite drinking…they always suggested it was best not to have liquor in your home in case you wanted some it put some distance between you and the drink…social media has become that for me…i put some distance between me and it this morning… 256 more words

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Not a Bible Thumper...

I NEED encouragement and sometimes I go to the attributes of My God for that very purpose.

This one shines a light into my soul this very day. 36 more words

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"F" Is For Fleetwood Mac

Yet another band I have loved since I was a kid. I can’t even remember what it was that sparked my interest in Fleetwood Mac… 150 more words

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