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27/30 Poems in November: Truth

Kitchen-table revelation
we can change our minds
we can change our thoughts
we can get up
and turn down the heat
when the room gets too hot. 306 more words


Magic - Weekly Photo Challenge - Big Love!

MAGIC – The Weekly Photo Challenge – BIG LOVE

To my friends: Being a Wife, Mom, Student and Employee is a huge commitment. These little moments show the Magic between a Mom and her child.   87 more words

Art And Architecture

Sibling Sunday 

My sweet sister is on her way over..we aren’t blood we are choice sisters! I’ve grown more as a woman with this wonderful lady in my life. 63 more words

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I’m Not Good At Loving A Little

I’ve never been good at loving.

When I was little, I’d squeeze my stuffed animals until they couldn’t breathe. I’d wrap my arms around dogs and kittens and make them run away. 622 more words

Love And Love Again, But Always Protect That Beautiful Heart

You have given yourself away in love, haven’t you? You’ve put yourself out there, trusted a man’s hands, arms, eyes, legs, heart to catch you, to hold you, to keep you safe. 592 more words

You Held On Too Tightly; I Had To Let Go

You can’t rush a good thing.
You can’t make people change.
You can’t wish something into healing.
You can’t keep what is meant to be let go of. 614 more words

21 People Share The Craziest Thing They've Ever Done For A Crush


“I drove 6.5 hours the day of finals to deliver her a poem I had written for an anniversary gift…just to turn back around and drive another 6.5.”

549 more words