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Ten Musicians Who Could Be Novelists: John Madera on Recording Artists Whose Books He’d Love to Read; Or, A Brief Take on the “Tone-Deaf” Audiophile

De gustibus non est disputandum. Then again, what to do when served a tasteless appetizer when promised a flavorful meal drawn from an eclectic menu? 1,364 more words

Object Fiction?

In “Collaborating with Surveillance: Wolfgang Hilbig’s East German Fiction” (see below), Angela Woodward highlights, among other things, Hilbig’s tendency in his fiction to privilege objects over persons: 324 more words

For whom is this spectacle staged?

The House expressed “regret” over an exclusion act most Chinese people in the U.S. know nothing about. The real audience of these apologetics, the Big Other, seemed pleased enough.

The Borromean Knocker

The ‘K’not of The Borromean Knocker
Chapter & Verse – A Breast Cancer Blog with Lacanian Angles Curves
The Borromean Knot is formed of three rings which are linked so that if one of them is severed, all three become separated.  1,975 more words