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The 'horrible' & the 'terrible' & Lust

‘they’re sellin’ you love in a satellite…

Remember your English 102 text, the section on gothic literature. Writers back in the day would… 731 more words


On Robert Lopez's All Back Full

Robert Lopez’s darkly comical collections and novels are full of bizarre, dissolute isolatos moving in and out of desultory relationships, talkative heads navigating through absurd situations, bleak states of mind and being, the mud and murk of day-to-day doldrums. 274 more words

Žižek and the Disintegration of the Big Other and its Return. Note Quote.

One key aspect of the universalization of reflexivity is the resulting desintegration of the big Other, the communal network of social institutions, customs and laws. For Žižek, the big Other was always dead, in the sense that it never existed in the first place as a material thing. 679 more words


Remarks on the Beasts: On Nick Francis Potter’s New Animals

Nick Francis Potter’s New Animals (Subito Press) is a startling book, an unleashing of all-too-human humans and other monsters within wildly conceived spaces. 223 more words

Connecting Dots in Between the Lines: On Gabriel Blackwell's Madeleine E.

A masterfully collaged prose object, Gabriel Blackwell’s Madeleine E. (Outpost19) defies categorization, privileging fusion and hybridity while also openly displaying its parts: essayings on the mind, on identity, on falling, on death, on marriage; obsessively scrutinous, seemingly frame-by-frame analyses of a classic psychological thriller; self-reflexive reveries on writing and, especially, not writing; deconstructions of patriarchy in the form of control of and/or violence against women, whether physical, emotional, psychological, etc. 322 more words

Happy 60th Birthday, Lance Olsen!: 60 Reasons to Celebrate Lance Olsen

I’ve had the deep pleasure of knowing Lance Olsen (for at least seven years now), reviewing his work, interviewing him, teaching one of his books, working as his publicist on three books ( 501 more words